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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Rechnitz the "askan" demanded kosher meals after mile-high hooker romp

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Gabi Greco
The Orthodox Jewish businessman who allegedly ordered up a wild, sex-fueled plane ride to Las Vegas as a bribe for NYPD favors demanded rabbi-certified food for the return trip, The Post has learned.
Real-estate investor Jona Rechnitz — who shelled out $59,000 for the round-trip travel — requested kosher deli sandwiches and a fruit platter for the group’s flight to Teterboro, NJ.
But airline manifests show the same six passengers got “standard stock” meals for the outbound flight, where call girl Gabi Grecko said she had group sex with the men, including now-disgraced Deputy Inspector James Grant.
The Post revealed the details of the cross-country trip on Friday after speaking exclusively with Grecko, who is identified in court papers as “Prostitute-1.”
Grecko has said Rechnitz’s pal, Jeremy Reichberg, directed the kinky action on the plane.
“He’d call me a dirty slut while smacking my a- -,” she recalled.


Monsey said...

Here's a candidate for the Board of YSV. This sick creep Ari Nagel who graduated Yeshiva of Spring Valley and Wolmark's Shaarei Torah has 22 kids, mostly shvartzas.

His father who is a big shot at Moses Tendler's shul is Torah Vodaas class of 1956 who remembers when Tress was molesting Pirchei boys at Agudah of Williamsburg.

Levi Yitzchok said...

Well, at least he didn't transgress the mitzvos regarding kashrus. "Even poshei Yisroel are full of Mitzvos like a pomegranate"

Grain of salt said...

Does a prostitute have 100% ne'emanus (total credibility) in your book? Not in mine.

Not everything in the sensationalist NY Post is necessarily correct.

Dusiznies said...

But why did she have to make this up?
I don't see that she named you as slapping her bottom

Grain of salt said...

People make up things for various reasons.

Maybe she was lying/embellishing in an attempt to gain leniency for herself.

Prostitutes are not usually lamed vovniks, you know?

Anonymous said...

Why are 2 "frum" Jewish men procuring prostitutes for police officers? Even if the "working girl" is a liar, it stinks? Lets be honest. You can't escape from the internet. If you don't fear G-d, then "fear" the internet because it has no mercy. This is not a joking matter. Does yidishkeit have to be shamed yet again? Even if its made up, the damage has been done. Why do all honest jews have be embarrassed yet again? When will someone honor G-ds name? 59 grand could have been spent to marry off a poor bride within our own neighborhood. Could have spent the cash to send a poor man or woman to college or trade school so that they can make an honest living for their families. This has to stop. Lets have a little mercy on ourselves, and above all have some respect for G-d. PLEASE

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you meant to write, "slapping her b-.'
We'll let it pass this time.

Anonymous said...

Who is Rechnitz's friend Marco Franco that was on the private plane? Is he Syrian?

Ari Nagel was raised a few door away from Aryeh Zaks & virtually next door to Moshe Tendler.

Dusiznies said...

Let's walk thru this....Everybody agrees that Rechnitz and Reichberg were on that plane. Everyone agrees that Gabi was a prostitute.....
Everyone agrees that prostitutes offer sex ....
so far ...are we on the same page?
Now, everyone agrees that she had sex ....
so now she wants to get out of getting in trouble by testifying that Reichberg "smacked her a__s?"

Horndog Hershel said...

You missed the other article that not only Reichberg hired her to be paid by Rechnitz but both of them knew her because they lead of club of "frum" men who hire hookers for "parties" in a NYC hotel

Anonymous said...

AH! Mi Ke'acmcho!!!