Monday, April 8, 2024

Week After Bar-Mitzvah Boy Hangs Himself another 15 Year Old Found Dead Because of Parental Allienation


Shock and shock again on the streets of Williamsburg!

Less than a week after the tragic incident, in which a Bar Mitzvah boy passed away under unbearable circumstances in the Williamsburg neighborhood of New York, it happened again in the same neighborhood, and tonight came the bitter news of the passing of a 15-year-old boy, Monday night, who suffered from parental alienation and whose heart could not bear it 

 His body was found near the Beit Midrash of the Tush Chasidic community

The  young man who cut his life short was Ze'ev Serulovich, z"l, the reason for his tragic suicide is a result of parental alienation, according to neighbors. 

The tragedy occurred at Tash Shul Williamsburg, where the 15-year-old's body was found after extensive searches.

As you will recall, and as reported extensively in DIN, last week, a bar mitzvah boy took his own life, a few hours after his bar mitzvah celebrations ended. Reports state that Ass'kanim from the  community to which his mother belonged prevented his father, who belongs to another Chasidic group, from participating in his private bar mitzvah celebration .

The Bar Mitzvah event was organized for him by the "ass'kanim".

Sources close to the family noted that for several years the boy had been crying incessantly, when all he wanted was to see his father, whom he loved   all these years, and due to family reasons he divorced his wife. 

However, according to the ass'kanim involved in the case, the children were forbidden to meet with their father, whose soul was scarred by the fact that their parents were divorced, and therefore, the ass'kanim claimed, it would be better for him not to meet with the father.

Following the incident, the famous American influencer Yonassan Shvartz published a long and chilling monologue, and began his remarks with a message he received from several ass'kanim who asked him not to deal with this issue "because the story should be swept under the carpet"... "

"There are dead children walking around here, a child committed suicide, and that's what you have to say? Sweep??? What does that sound like?" he cried out from the blood of his heart.

Rabbi Schwartz continued with pent-up pain, saying: 

"I personally accompany such stories, hundreds and even thousands of children who are estranged from their parents. Usually it's alienation from the father, are these children alive? These children are called dead! Indeed, they have not yet committed suicide by hanging rope or jumping from the roof, but their lives are not called life, walking around dead in the streets!"


Anonymous said...

I would appreciate it if you were a little more factual. Also, while these things should definitely not be swept under the rug, there are ways to raise awareness without naming the family, targeting them with this stuff while they are still in the height of grief.

Anonymous said...

This is so sad. Thank you for not swiping it under the carpet like many ppl do. Ppl (adults/"asknim") need to realize that their decision can lead to this and not in every situation do they know the right thing for the child they are not professional.

Anonymous said...

you lack such emotional awareness! these children are not committing suicide because they have not seen their father in a couple of months! it is because of abuse and mental illness which is rampant in the chasideshe community as you said they sweep it all under the rug. Absolutely disgusting.... do better

Anonymous said...

Please add that anyone with a suicidal ideation should seek immediate help through the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline: 988.

Anonymous said...

It would be a good idea to research certain organizations that help women to alienate their husbands or ex-husbands from their kids. These organizations should not be supported financially. One of such organizations is Shalom Task Force. I hope someone will look into it
Another thought.. It became customary to publish names of men refusing giving get. Maybe something similar should be done with women alienating their children's father....

Anonymous said...

"Swiping under the carpet" isn't and has never been a phrase. While the word "carpet" can be used to describe a rug, it's usually used to describe wall to wall carpeting. It's rugs that are used to conceal things in a hurry rather than addressing the problem.

Anonymous said...

Parental alienation can't be treated like get refusal because it's not nearly as clear cut. While there are some cases of true parental alienation, there are also plenty of cases that seem like it but aren't. For example, some parents are genuinely abusive, and their ex spouse doesn't want their children to see them. And unfortunately there are some cases where a parent is a social outcast and their children don't want anything to do with them. And myriad other complex and complicated situations. (BTW, this is not a gendered issue either. Some fathers alienate their children from their mothers as well. It's less common than the other way around, but the percentage is proportionate to the percentage of fathers who seek custody compared to mothers.)

Either way it's a terrible situation, which can be very damaging. But even terrible situations do not normally lead to child suicide. Attributing suicide to the situation is dangerous because it sprAeads the idea that suicide is a natural response to difficulty. Which it isn't. We need to watch out for the mental health of our youth (and adults), and there is potential to help people through these difficult circumstances, even when we can't help them out of the circumstances.

(Ending off with this grim thought: of all the children who attempt suicide, those who are most likely to "succeed" are those who are being abused. Because it's the abuser who tells them how to do it.)

Anonymous said...

Meir does mother is responsible for her sons death she should be jailed