Sunday, April 28, 2024

Shimon Peres Explained the Israel/Hamas War Years Ago... Listen



Garnel Ironheart said...

This from the guy who created the whole problem in the first place.

zalman schachter shalomi's confused talmid said...

not true! ironically only the right wing governments' in Israel were the ones who gave back land, begin gave back the Sinai and yamit, Bibi gave back chevron, and Sharon gave back Gaza. Peres was a pragmatist who represented old school labor Zionism; he respected the charedi world and its leadership, because he understood the importance of traditional Jewry and its role in Israeli society. he was not a blind naive "peacenik" like uri avneri, nor was he a radical hawk like ben gvir. he sincerely believed in herzl's and ben gurions zionist dream of israel being a homeland for jews, be they religious or secular, rightwing or leftwing. yes, ultimately he was for peace because what is point of having something if your constantly fighting over it and cant live there normally.