Sunday, April 21, 2024

Mee Keamcha Yisrael!!

 So the story is like this, Chassidishe Yeshivas are parking their School Buses on residential streets robbing residents of parking spaces. The Yeshivas want to get away on the cheap so instead of using bus garages like the "goyim" they park on the streets. 

The Chassidishe guy who videotaped this, is the bus driver and is basically mocking a resident who is frustrated by these "parking thieves". These Chassidim bring the worst out of people and I understand the resident very well. 


Anonymous said...

It would be more advantageous for the private schools to build local parking lots to store the numerous vehicles instead of housing or other community structures. Then everyone will be satisfied.

יש דין ויש דיין said...

This is an old problem. Schools get money from the government for lots, parking for their buses. There are big lots where many school buses are parked for this reason, as the school buses are large, and take up much room parked on streets.

However, the so-called "Hasidim" (not all, but too many) fraudsters, take the funds and park on the streets instead. The gvt. should crack down on this. If you go to Midwood you see Hasidic buses from B.P., Crown Heights parked there (someone once argued to me that the bus drivers do that, as it is easier for them to park near where they live, than to go pick up and drop off buses at lots, which takes extra time. Perhaps that is a factor in some cases, but I think the main driving factor here is otherwise.). Sometimes they park at public schools too, in addition to on regular streets.

Time to crack down on the scofflaw culture of (some of the) Hasidics. Letting them get away with such things emboldens them, leading to more acting out.

DIN understands, he lived among these type of sects.

Comprehensive overview & discussion said...

It is a general, broader problem, not limited as described above. said...

It is not limited to the area mentioned here and the groups described.

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