Sunday, April 21, 2024

The Video of An Interview of a Chareidie Jew that is going Viral Throughout the Arab World !


Mamash words out of the mouths of the Meraglim! 
I remember when we Jews would say about guys like that.."they are a bunch of meshagaim" "no one listens to them" etc. 

So let me address that, the video above had 112,0000 views in two months and the comments on that video have brought to the surface the most vile vicious antisemites!

This Beck guy was educated in the Satmar Moisdois, He quotes from the "Tzaddik" the Vayoel Moshe all the time, and he is very well funded by other frum Jews!
I challenge anyone reading this post to show me ONE Satmar Chusid who doesn't agree with him, maybe they wouldn't allow themselves to be interviewed by a Palestinian but they all support his views and ideas, every one of them! 
There isn't a shul that he cannot enter in England, and his children and grandchildren learn in Yeshivois without anyone saying one word. 
People marry his mamzeirim and others come to those weddings dancing and being "mesamaich" him and his sick family! 


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, thanks to the Israeli left, it is true. Painful to hear it from him though. Eretz Yisrael is acquired through ysurim.

Anonymous said...

First of all that is NOT what he said.
Second of all most Jews that were murdered in Jewish History after the First Bais Hamikdash were murdered in Chutz Le'Aaretz.
The country where this vile piece of shit lives, expelled all the Jews in the 1300's but not before they murdered many of them. England and the rest of Europe will be overrun by Muslims very soon according to most historians, and I pray that they take this scumbag and hang him by his tongue! The USA is no different.
Israel happens to be the safest country for Jews according to all statistics. I live here in Israel, and my children are outside anytime and walk where they want and hang out outside all night with no issues. My 11 year old takes her 5 year old sister on public transportation every single day, in which country can anyone do that?
We were in the US last month and no one would ever even dream of doing that be they Jews or gentiles!
This sick manure should suffer a terrible death and I wish that on his entire family to say words like that to Arabs, no less! Worse than the Meraglim!

שרה ליין said...

I am an older man born in the DP camps in 1948, I am astounded and totally shocked that not only would a Jew like that guy in the video say blasphemous heretical ideas to the Arab world, but I am more astounded that YOU 1;13 support this filth! He like the Jews who died in the plaque of Choshech will not see the redemption nor will those who give him support! We Survivors of the worst atrocities against the Jewish people in its lifetime are grateful to Hashem that gave us Medinas Yisrael where every single Jew is no longer a refugee and has a home finally!

Anonymous said...

The "yisurim" that you refer to, is listening to the garbage of that dick and reading your sick comment, You Sick Dick!

Perspective Reimagined said...

Anonymous said...

For supporting this pig you are worse than him! We finally have a safe, yes safe, haven for Jews! this shtick drek and you deserve each other! At least for the first time in two thousand years we have an army that can defend us, its not perfect, but look what's happening in Colombia Univ where the NYC Police cannot do a thing! Look what's happening in London! You slimy scum!