Tuesday, April 30, 2024

*BREAKING:* Israel has assassinated an Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps official in Tehran who was involved in targeting Jews in Germany.

To the Zionists, if any Jew anywhere in the world is targeted, its as if an Israeli in Isral was targeted. 

Israel killed an IRGC terror commander in Iran who planned synagogue attacks in Germany, according to a report.

The report was publicized on Monday night on Iran International, a British-owned media outlet that broadcasts in the Persian language.

Although no further details have been released about the terrorist or who carried out the fatal operation, it was said he was responsible for “damaging Jewish centers in Germany.”

Two years ago, Germany reported that it suspected the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corp was behind three attempted terror attacks against synagogues.

The incidents involved shooting at a synagogue in Essen, Molotov cocktails thrown at a school next to a synagogue in Bochum and an arson plot against a synagogue in Dortmund.

The news of the killing of the IRGC commander is the latest in an ongoing conflict between Iran and Israel, which is characterized by unprecedented direct attacks between the two countries rather than through Iranian proxies such as Hezbollah and the Houthis.

On April 1st, Iran blamed Israel for the killing of Mohammad Reza Zahedi at an embassy in Damascus.

In retaliation, Iran released an historic 350 drones and missiles directly toward Israeli soil only to have 99% of them intercepted through the joint efforts of the IDF, US, UK and Jordanian forces.

Israel made a restrained retaliation which was thought to have been just a warning when it attacked a military base in Isfahan.

Iran didn’t acknowledge that Israel was behind the strike on the military base, but nonetheless, Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi threatened that if Israel launched a major attack against Iran, “there will be nothing left of the Zionists regime.”

Although the US discouraged Israel from striking back against Iran, Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) and Sen. Dan Sullivan (R-Alaska) urged US President Joe Biden to consider tough sanctions against Iran.


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