Monday, April 29, 2024

Families of Hostages! "A deal without invading Rafah is surrender to Hamas"


The Tikva Forum, which supports the families of the hostages, sharply criticized the proposed deal for the release of hostages in exchange for a ceasefire.

"In recent days, we have learned from the media the details of the emerging deal, a deal of surrender to the Nazis and a deal that means losing the war and almost complete loss of the kidnapped who will remain in Gaza. The decision on a deal that prevents invading Rafah immediately means losing the war and its immediate implication is handing over the fate of our kidnapped to the hands of the murderers from the Hamas terror organization," the forum declared.

It was also noted: "Hamas is playing with us and apparently successfully. Every time the operation in Rafah is brought up, you can see the psychological terror of Hamas, as in the latest videos."

The families added: "To Choose between hostages is to abandon the hostages and endangers the lives of those who will remain in Gaza. We repeat what we have been claiming all along - only if Hamas is on their knees with a weapon on their neck and the hostages turn from an asset to a burden will we bring a deal that will bring everyone back and win the war".

"The people are strong and the army is strong and wants to fight, and if there are those who do not have the spirit of victory and the courage of heroes, they should step aside and let others do the work".

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Garnel Ironheart said...

It's gotten to that point.
Bibi needs to swallow his pride, invite the hostage families into the room and sit there while they berate and insult him. And when they're done, he has to look at them and, with the cameras rolling, quietly say "Do you want me to surrender to Hamas? Because that's the deal for the hostages. We give into their demands, withdraw from Gaza and let them set up again like before. So let's be clear - are you asking me to surrender to Hamas? And if so, would you like to say that directly to the 100 000 refugees from the south and north who will never go home if I do?"