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Only the State of Israel Cares about other Jews ..Israeli-backed security response teams for diaspora Jews


To all those stupid "frum" Jews that are still anti-Zionist, "GROW UP"!
It was Israel that took the initiative to rescue Jews taken hostage in Entebbe! It was Israel that took out the Ethiopians from Ethiopia, even those who "taanied" that they weren't "halachically Jewish" they claimed they were Jewish and that was enough for the Jewish State to rescue them. Just recently Israel flew Ukrainians to Israel, yes, some were goyim (most of them left) but they were the only country in the entire world that opened their borders to the refugees. 
There are NO Jewish refugees in the entire world all because of the State of Israel. 

We have, thank G-d, a country whose borders are open for ALL Jews. It is mind-boggling that the Yeshivishe world still cannot swallow the tremendous chesed that the Zionists do and give them the proper Hakoras Ha'Toiv. 
They keep bringing up the "Yaldeei Teiman" that the Zionists "cut their peyos off and made them not frum!" 100 years ago. It wasn't too long ago that  Satmar also cut the peyos off Chabad Chassidim ! 
I have news for you, the Yemenite Jews here in Israel are writing that most of those families are coming back to Yiddishkeit, but unfortunately, the thousands that go OTD from the Chassidishe and Yeshivishe world are lost forever! The assimilation rate in Chutz Le'aaretz is over 85%, yet in the Zionist State it's a little less than 3%, and most Jews now live in Israel. Chareidie communities in the State are thriving and growing like never before.
The Chutz Le'arretz Jews, especially the Chareidie World are NOT really that concerned about the antisemitism all over the world. You know why? Because in back of their "farshtuppefteh kep" they know that there is always the State of Israel to run to, if they have to, something that the 6, million Jews couldn't avail themselves them to. All countries in the entire world had quotas! The British, may they burn in eternal hell, only allowed 100,000 Jews into Palestine and those caught sneaking in were turned back to head back to the hell of Nazi Germany! 
When they come rounding up Jews in Chutz Le'aaretz. If your wife doesn't shave her head bald like a plucked chicken, you won't be allowed into New Square or KJ! 
מי כעמך מדינת ישראל

Minister of National Security Itamar Ben-Gvir (Otzma Yehudit) has asked the Police Commissioner to draft a plan to assist in the creation of emergency security response squads to protect Jewish institutions outside of Israel.

"Diaspora Jews are currently suffering from a harsh wave of antisemitism in communities and on campuses in the US, Europe, and around the world," Ben-Gvir wrote.

"I asked the Police Commissioner to draft a plan to aid in the creation of local response teams that will protect Jewish communities and institutions overseas, through professional tutelage, including a training program and technological solutions for security," he added.

The minister explained that "everything, of course, would be in cooperation with the local police and relevant authorities.

"Our Jewish, national, and moral obligation is to help them!" he concluded.


Dusiznies said...

Dear Readers
A guy who calls himself "Yosef" made a comment, and I decided to post it with my comments because I refuse to let it stand by itself.

"Once again I need to explain the correct Daas Torah to you and your readers."

DIN: "Correct Daas Torah?" LOL! Your "daas-torah" turned out to be wrong! Are they still fighting the "mapai" parties from 100 years ago? The Zionist State of Israel is a fact and recognized by Gedoilei Yisrael! Chareidim have flourished like never ever before with more people learning Torah than anywhere else in the world, and Jews from all over the world sending their children to the State of Israel to learn! The majority of the Jewish people now live in theZionist State of Israel!

Yosef:"The Zionists caused the death of three Jews in Entebbe instead of negotiating a peaceful solution."

DIN: This comment, my friends, shows the stupidity the Yeshivisha World and their total disconnect to reality. The Zionists risked their lives and as Yosef pointed out died to save other Jews. This naive dumb Yeshivaman suggests that the Israelis should have "negotiated a peaceful solution" How sick and far from reality are these "bench-kvettchers?" Negotiate with terrorists? All those "negotiations" have only caused more Jews to die, but this naive dummy wants them to negotiate with Nazis! Sick indeed!

Yosef: " The Ethiopians have caused tremendous halachicall problems in Israel due to their non-Jewish status."

DIN: Harav Ovadia Yosef z"l in his Sefer Yabia Omer 8:11, paskens le'Halacha that Ethiopians are Jewish in origin and don't have to undergo conversions. I think he is a bigger Talmud Chacham than "Yosef"

Yosef: " No one needs or wants Ukrainians in Israel"

DIN: Thats exactly what all the Goyim say about Jews. Most of the Ukrainians that arrived during the war were actually Jewish the ones that were not left!

Yosef: "There are currently more than 80,000 Jewish refugees from the north and south of Israel who still can't return home.

DIN: There are actually more, but the stupid Government is listening to YOUR Daas Torah, Degel, Shas, and the Aguda are urging Netanyahu to listen to the USA that wants them to lose the war! If Netanyahu would listen to the Real Daas Torah, he would bomb the daylights out of Hezballah and Hamas and the war would be over and Israelis could go back to their homes!

Yosef: "Even if Israel has open borders to all Jews (although they try their hardest to block frum Jews from immigrating) it's still useless as Israel is the most dangerous place for a jew to live. They're better off in their home countries."

DIN: "They try their hardest to block frum Jews from immigrating?" that is a bald-faced lie in fact if you check NBN websites you will see that 95% of all those making Aliyah, are Frum Jews! And your words that "Israel is the most dangerous place for a jew to live" is actually false and I suggest that you pack your toothbrush because they are coming after you very soon, and you will be running to the Zionists! BTW those blasphemous words were uttered by the Gedoilim before war2 and discouraged those with Visas to Palestine from emigrating and were subsequently gassed to death!
But those words were also uttered by the meragilim:
אפס כי עז העם היושב בארץ והערים בצורות גדלת מאד וגם ילדי הענק ראינו שם, עמלק יושב בארץ הנגב והחתי והיבוסי והאמרי יושב בהר והכנעני יושב על הים ועל הירדן
The result was that they will never be מחיה מתים or get Olam Haba, but the Bnei- Efraim that left earlier will be מחיה מתים as you will read this Shabbos in the Haftorah!

Cohen Y said...

Re Ethiopians: Virtually every other authority considered ROY factually mistaken. He went out on a lark & relied on a questionable Radvaz
Have personal testimony to that

Dusiznies said...
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Dusiznies said...

Cohen Y
It doesn't change a thing. Harav Ovadia Yosef z"l was an accepted Posik and whether the Radvaz was questionable is really irrelevant to his psak, I'm sure that Rav Yosef knew what you knew and yet he paskened like that.
But that was not the point of my post; I wrote that even if it was questionable whether they were or were not Jews, the fact that the Ethiopians thought that were Jews was enough for Israel to rescue them !