Saturday, April 20, 2024

BREAKING: Massive explosion leaves huge crater in Iraqi military base after suspected Israeli strike

An explosion at a military camp in northern Babil province, Iraq, resulted in the death of a member of the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) and injuries to eight others, the Iraqi Security Media Cell reported on April 20. local media noted.

The blast occurred shortly after midnight at Kalso Camp, which is located along the international road and hosts units from the army, police, and the Popular Mobilization Forces which are believed to be working in league with Iran’s revolutionary guards. The blast comes 24 hours after several Israeli rockets and drones hit Iranian military positions inside the country.

'At one o'clock after midnight last night, an explosion and fire occurred inside Kalso Camp, leading to the death of a member of the Popular Mobilization Forces and injuries to eight others, including an Iraqi army member,' the Cell stated in a press release.

Civil defence teams in Babil responded swiftly, preventing the fire from spreading and bringing it under control quickly.

'The civil defense teams in Babil and supporting entities made significant efforts and took swift actions that prevented the fire from spreading further and managed to control it in record time,' the statement said.

To investigate the causes of the explosion and fires, a high-level technical committee comprising members from the civil defense and other relevant sectors has been established.

Further clarifying the circumstances of the incident, the Cell conveyed that, according to preliminary data and official statements, there was no indication of aerial activity or military operations in the area at the time.

'Two statements from the international coalition forces in Iraq and the official spokesperson for the Pentagon indicated that there was no aerial activity or military operation in the general area of Babil,' the statement noted.

Additionally, the air defense command's technical analysis and radar checks confirmed the absence of any drones or fighter aircraft in Babil's airspace before and during the explosion.

Israel struck Iran early on April 19, retaliating Iran’s first direct attack on the country’s soil. Iran carried out a strike using around 300 missiles and drones against Israel on April 13 and 14 in retaliation for an Israeli attack on an Iranian consular building annexed to the country's embassy on April.

The PMF was initially formed as a group of armed factions, many of which had close ties to Iran. Iraqi authorities later recognized it as a formal security force. Factions within the PMF had previously participated in months of rocket and drone attacks on US forces in Iraq during Israel's Gaza campaign. However, they have ceased their attacks since early February.


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