Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Bobov Doesn't Think Moshiach Is Coming Anytime Soon

I am happy that Schools are being built for our Jewish Children learning Torah, but having said that, I'm thinking, that the Chareidie World has learned absolutely zero from the Holocaust. 

I know that they believe that come Moshiach all those buildings will fly (El Al) to Israel. I know that the Zohar mentions this, and this is their excuse to build monstrosities in Chutz Le'aaaretz. Im not sure what the Zohar is actually saying, but the facts are unfortunately different, witness the expulsion of Spain, the expulsion of England and the Holocaust proved that this is NOT the case. Mosidois Hatorah were totally destroyed in Chutz Le'aartz not too long ago, and those burned down buildings are not coming to Israel  anytime soon even when Moshiach comes. 
First of all, we have no room for them in Israel, and second of all, we don't need burned down buildings in Israel, ask those who lived in the south on October 7. 

They haven't even learned from their experiences in the USA! 
Where is the new Bobover Yeshiva building built in Crown Heights? I remember as a child attending that groundbreaking and the Chanukas Habayis! What happened to all the beautiful Shuls in East New York, Brownsville, Bedford Stuyvesant and The Bronx? 
What do they think is going to happen to Boro-Park? Do they think that the goyim are going to stand by and watch Jews taking over? Are we blind and oblivious to what is happening throughout the world?
 Bobov is building what they think is the "future" I suggest that they put Chassidishe Sefarim aside for a half hour and instead take out a history book and learn about what the goyim did to the Jews just in the last century, this might be a start for a good education. 

Until 911, Hashem protected the USA and not one war had any effect on the USA territory itself, and that is because the USA is a medina shel chesed
911 was a message to the USA that "If you abandon My values, I will remove that protection."  Hashem sent Muslims to the World Trade Center to wake up America .As long as the USA cares and backs Israel, the USA will be protected but once she abandons the majority of the Jewish people that live in Israel and caters to the Arabs in Michigan all because of an election, the USA will be doomed, and we are witnessing the rapid fall of this once great country in the here and now! 

Whether you are a Zionist or you are an antizionist Jew living in the USA, know that your success is bound to how Israel is treated. You can quote the Vayoel Moshe until kingdom comes or until the cows come home, but if your leaders are satisfied in Chutz Leaaretz and do not fight hand and foot against the policies of the Biden administration, you are doomed. 
Letters from the Moetzes Hagdola about the Israeli draft will not bring Moshiach. New Bobover buildings will not bring Moshiach. Expansion of Kiryas Yoel, New Square and Fakewood will not bring Moshiach. Bringing the mayor or the governor to rebbes to get their blessings and "chanfe" them, will not bring Moshiach. 
What the Ribono Shel Oilom wants to see is Jews returning to the land that Hashem gifted us and for those who choose to remain in Chul, being genuinely concerned how their government is treating Israel, because that is a reflection what their government really thinks of the Jews! 

Have you taken the time to write a letter to your elected officials?  
Not too long ago the then President Obama pushed the murderous Iran Deal, Jewish ASS'kanim wrote in  all the Frum News Sites that this is a good thing!???????????? 
 The Satmar Rebbe of Monroe started a writing campaign to Representatives, and hundreds of thousands of Satmar Chassidim wrote that they support this deal!! Unbelievable! 

I am wondering, did even ONE Satmar Chusid write to their elected officials one word in support of Israel? Guys, it's a time of war, are Satmar Chassidim still davening three times a day that the State of Israel (should G-D forbid) be destroyed?? 

I have news for you guys, the Ribbono Shel Olom doesn't have to look at chilonim, the RBS"O doesn't have to look at the Ziyonim all He has to do is look at us Frum Jews, how we don't care about the only Jewish Nation in the entire world.
 The RBS"O watched as did all the Goyim to see how many Jews would attend the rally in Washington DC. To see how many cared. Out of 5 million Jews a mere 500,00 showed up. Rabbanim after WW2 swore that they would never let that happen again, that they would march in the streets not to allow another annihilation to happen. Instead, the R"Y the Tzadddikim came up with all kinds of excuses, why not to show up. Oh! "a galich will speak" "oh! an actress will speak" ... "the event was organized "nish fun unzereh" 
But what the goyim saw was not who spoke, but who showed up! 

Schumer looked around and saw that few of his voters showed up and he understood that his frum constituents would continue to vote for him as long as he throws money to the moisdois! He knew and witnessed that they didn't care about Israel! 
The frum community better wake up quick, those who hate Israel, hate Jews. 

I have to admit that there was a large kinnus in Flatbush where thousands attended and said tehillim, but we in Israel weren't comforted by that; we didn't see one Israeli flag! 
The Secular News watching this event had no idea what this kinnos was about as there wasn't anything showing that this kinnus was connected to anything that happened in Israel. 
The Israeli Flag, like it or not represents Jews. When a Goy sees the Israeli Flag, he sees a Jewish Flag! Would it have hurt someone if they had brought one Israeli Flag to the event? 
What was the message? It wasn't to say tehillim in public, no! ...they could have rented a venue. The message they gave was that we Jews are NOT like those who were murdered, we are different, we wear black hats and white shirts. Well I have news for you black hatters, the Jews that got murdered in the south also hated the flag, you are one of the same. They also hated the medina! It would have been a Kiddush Hashem if the RY saying tehillim were clutching an Israeli Flag the flag hated in the entire world and said proudly we are one. "When you murder one of us, no matter his or her observance we are all brothers and sisters, "but sadly that message did not come across and the ASS"akanim were afraid of the anti-Zionists and so caved like a wet cardboard carton. What a waste!

The RBS"O could have made it that 1.500 Jews be murdered in chutz le'aaretz, why in the State of Israel? Oh! I know all your frum answers, I am way past that. 

I'll tell you my thoughts on why, and listen closely. 
If this would have happened in any part of the world, the world would have been outraged and the Jewish people would have had alot of sympathy, because there wasn't any way they could defend themselves and the world loves dead Jews not Jews that defend themselves.  and so there wouldn't have been an awakening to the Jewish people,  that ALL Goyim hate Us! There wouldn't have been an awakening at all! The college campuses would have been marching in sympathy for dead Jews. 

The fact that this happened in Israel, and the Jews, thank G-d, used the army to go into Gaza and murder the assailants and rapists is why the world is outraged. They are outraged because Jews are fighting back, and that is what brought out all the antisemitic roaches from their hiding places. In Chutz Le'aartz the Jews would have not been able to defend themselves so they would have garnered sympathy but in Eretz Yisrael where Jews fought back is where the proverbial dog is hidden. 

During the Holocaust not ONE nation came to save the Jews, not One! Yes, they fought the Nazis but they fought the Germans because of their own self-interests not one fought Germany to save the Jews. We now have a country albeit not perfect, that is Jewish, and they care if Jews are being murdered anywhere in the world, be it in Entebbe, be it Yemen, Ukraine etc, they have an army and they will do everything they can do to protect and save their fellow Jews. Her borders are open to all Jews, and for the first time in thousands of years a Jew no longer needs to be a refugee! In Monroe and New Square the cities are not open to all Jews, your wife has to shave her head bald, but in Israel ALL Jews are welcome. 

For the first time in history when the goyim come to kill us as they will inevitably do, we will fight back and pursue them anywhere in the world they may hide. Yes ... it gives us some comfort knowing that. 

Hashem wanted to let the Chutz Le'aaretz Jews know that "You are not safe anywhere in the world."  "ALL Goyim hate You" "They hate the boys and girls that were Mechalleil Yom Tov in Nova, they hate the leftists that loved the Arabs, and who hated what the State of Israel stands for and they hate the Chareidim that live in Bnei-Brak, all the same "but this would have never happened had this occurred anywhere else in the world.

So, yes,  Bobov keep building your monstrosities in chutz le'aaretz, the Goyim and the Mayor are not impressed and neither is Hashem! We can never forget when the Bobover Rebbe told his audience that they shouldn't pray for the soldiers, and this was in the midst of our boys fighting in Gaza! 

Below watch how naive Bobover Chassidim listen intently to the Mayor quote the most influential antisemite of our time ... Bishop Tutu! 

 A momentous occasion was marked on Sunday night, as the Bobover Chassidus inaugurated two new buildings in Boro Park: a girls’ school building located at the corner of 13th Avenue and 51st Street, and a new Cheder Building located at 13th Avenue and 36th Street.

This joyous event took place at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, led by Yochi Fleishman of YF Productions.

The event was graced by the presence of the Bobover Rebbe Shlita, Community leaders, and city officials, including New York City Mayor Eric Adams, who addressed the massive crowd.


Vekker said...

DIN, were you sleeping during haftoras Parah? Yechezkel tells us that all the churbanos will be miraculously restored to their original splendor!

Dusiznies said...

Nice פשט if only Yechezkel had actually said that, but that is NOT what he saying. He is saying that Hashem will return the Jews from exile and re-build the cities and the churbanos that were destroyed in ERETZ YISRAEL! The Churbanos in chutz le'aaretz will never be rebuilt at least according to Yechezkel. But are YOU saying that Bobov will be destroyed, chas ve'sholom?"
Because no matter how you learn pshat the buildings will be destroyed!

Vekker said...

Here is the deep meaning of my comment. You were lamenting all the Chutz Laaretznik binyanim that are farfallen. Yechezkel Hanovi is avaddeh not discounting the Maharsha in Sanhedrin that all Chutznik yeshivos & shuls have kedushas Eretz Yisroel mamash & will be transplanted at that time. An alter Galitzianer mechaber seforim has compared this to US embassies legally considered as American karka no matter what country they are in (minus future miraculous transplants & restoration which is only for inzerreh)

Dusiznies said...

First of all you must have davened in my shul because I actually did fall asleep during the reading of the Haftorah.
But after I suddenly woke up being disturbed by the guy next to be snoring loudly, I quickly glanced at the haftorah and I have to say that the Navie Yechezel is very clear that the city and the charbunos that will be restored are the cities in Eretz Yisrael proper. He could have easily included the cities of Chutz Le'aaretz but he chose not to.
As far as the Maharsha in Sanhedrin is concerned, with all due respect, please keep in mind that the Maharsha lived in Chutz Le'aaretz, I am sure that there isn't one Rishon or Achron who lived in Eretz Yisrael that would agree with that statement. In fact I am positive if that were the case that
"Chutznik yeshivos & shuls have kedushas Eretz Yisroel mamash" the Gra, The Baal Shem Tov, The Chafetz Chayim etc would have never given any thought of moving to Eretz Yisrael, and I am positive that the Talmedei Hagra and the Talmedei Baal Shem who did move would not agree, because they sacrificed so much to make Aliyah! If the Batei Midrashim have the same kedusha as Eretz Yisrael "mammash" then why go thru all this trouble, just sit in Bais Midrash?
I remember a Maharsha that says that there were only 300 talmidim of Rabbi Akiva that died during Sefirah and not 25,000, he says that the number 25,000 is a "guzmah" so how many gedoilim would agree with that Maharsha? Hmmm?

Vekker said...

Uh oh, DIN may be on to me! I was thinking takke that the atrocious snorer was oiver gezel shina! He should be ostracized for shterring DIN's beauty rest!

"Yechezel is very clear that the city and the charbunos that will be restored are the cities in Eretz Yisrael proper"

Yes! So when the batei medroshim are transplanted just beforehand they will also be in EY proper to reap these benefits!

"please keep in mind that the Maharsha lived in Chutz Le'aaretz"

So what? Come on! What is this? A new kind of "bias"?

"I am sure that there isn't one Rishon or Achron who lived in Eretz Yisrael that would agree"

Don't be so quick to assume! There is not only a Mesorah by popular consensus that the Maharsha was the gadol hador, there is a mayseh to prove it.

"the Gra, The Baal Shem Tov, The Chafetz Chayim etc would have never given any thought of moving to Eretz Yisrael, and I am positive that the Talmedei Hagra and the Talmedei Baal Shem who did move would not agree, because they sacrificed so much to make Aliyah! If the Batei Midrashim have the same kedusha as Eretz Yisrael "mammash" then why go thru all this trouble, just sit in Bais Midrash?"

Ken zein az der kedushas karka felt in the maylos of the avir, plus why not chap arein where everything has kedusha besides beis medrash? And I happen to be episs bakant with the kisvei Gr"a vetalmidav. They were chalishing not just for yishuv haaretz. They wanted to be there to help facilitate "Olu Moyshiyim behar Tzion" with the mysterious "Bnei Moshe" shnit that is guaranteed to bring Moshiach. They almost pulled it off too! But Hashem had other plans & a key to this effort was arrested by the Ottomans & falsely executed as a "spy" nebich.

"a "guzmah" so how many gedoilim would agree with that Maharsha?"

Actually, the Maharal & many others hold Chazal is full of intentional guzmos, like every time it says "60" in Shas is not anywhere near a full 60.

Dusiznies said...

I am not Chas Vesholom minimizing the Mahrsha, I was just sai'n !
We do find in Pirkei Avos by a lot of Tannaim it says הוא היה אומר "he used to say" many meforshim say that these Tannaim said what they said because of a certain experience that they went thru, so it doesn't make it less מסני, but it does explain why they said it all the time.
I believe the Maharsha was quite well off as he even built a Yeshiva in Posen and his mother-in-law actually supported that Yeshiva for over 2 decades. Very few people that were well off made Aliya in those days, though there were Prominent Rabbanim in Eretz Yisrael even before the Maharsha was born such as Rav Yosef Karo, and R' Shlomo Alkebetz, and the Ari Hakodosh that actually lived in E"Y during the Maharsha's youth. But they weren't wealthy, those who were well off didn't make Aliyah. I believe that Mahrasha wanted to believe that the Yeshiva he built and supported would be brought to E"Y come Moshiach but where is that Yeshiva now??
But let me take a nap now, no one near me is snoring!