Monday, March 16, 2020

Rashi Wrote a cure for the Coronavirus over a 1,000 Years Ago

See Mishlei (Proverbs) Chaper 18, verse 14:
רוח איש יכלכל מחלהו ורוח נכאה מי ישאנה 
"A man's spirit will sustain him in sickness, but who can support a broken spirit?"

See Targum on the word מחלהו .... sickness
כרהניה ....... Corona

See Rashi:
רוח גבר שהוא איש גבור ואינו נותן דאגה בלבו , ומקבל כל הבא עליו בשמחה ובחבה .........אין כח סר מעליו
"Someone with a healthy attitude, that tries to lead a happy life , and he does not allow worries to effect him, no power, including illness [corona]  will be able to consume him"

The above was loosely translated

In other words.... those who have a great attitude even during these times .... will be able to survive 

See  also the Mezudat David ...and the Rabbeinu Yona
who basically explain that if a person strengthens himself with the knowledge that there is Godliness within him and that whatever God brings upon him is for good, his spiritual depression will be healed and yes even his physical health will improve!

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Anonymous said...

That word doesn't mean Corona. The shoresh is כרה and the נ is an אות השימוש. The word is found several times in chazal to mean a sickness.

Anonymous said...

There is an idea behind pun's in scripture and possibly even cross-langual pun's