Saturday, August 15, 2015

Meir Kin the "bugeye" polygamist will contaminate Tiferes Rivka Wedding Hall on Sunday

Meir "Bugeye" Kin
Well guess who's'  coming for dinner on Sunday August 16 in Boro Park?
The arrogant sick deranged polygamist Bugeye Kin!
He is scheduled to show his ugly face at the Tiferes Rivka Wedding Hall, 1257 38th Street, Brooklyn, New York 11218. 

There will be a rally at the front of the hall...
If you don't want your daughter to wind up with a sick misogynist like bugeye, come support the rally!

Here see bugeye shlepping his latest victim past guests 


Cousin Hand said...

I thought this post was going to include an audio clip of the Addams Family theme song.

Anonymous said...

Bugeye Kin! ... his ugly face ... sick misogynist

Give the guy a chance, lol

Can you explain by the way how you know that Lonna is 100% innocent in all this? I don't know all the details of the case but I am suspicious whenever the woman brings in the feminist rabbis who have a track record of never siding with the husband no matter how much of the real victim he is.

Dusiznies said...

Whether Lonna is innocent is irrelevant .... he has to give a get without strings attached... that's it .... period!

Anonymous said...

Generally speaking DIN is correct but there are cases where a husband should not give a get unless certain conditions are met, like if the woman is extorting using the kids as pawns or has gone to secular court with rabbinical permission to extract more money than is allowed under halacha.

Did Lonna do any of those things?

Dusiznies said...

I don't care what Lonna did... the kids are now adults ... lets move on..
he has to give her the get! Period!
BTW she is not extracting any money ..he is ...
The bastard placed the get in a fake bais din and in order for her to get it, she must pay this animal 350,000.00,
I may be off with the exact number....
anyway you said that you don't know.... so trust me, I do...
and I know ALL Bugeye"s past wives!

Herman Munster said...

How many times was he married?

Realty Teams said...

Kin probably figures Lonna can make that much in one season at Rodeo Realty

But seriously I found documents online that Kin has on his side Dayan Gestetner Monsey, Dayan Abraham Berditchev-Monsey & Agudas Harabbonim Lower East Side. They are upset at Lonna for getting a court order prohibiting Kin from presenting his side to a beis din without getting arrested just for talking. Agudas is unsigned so it's not clear if it's the nut Ginsberg or someone normal but very interesting since Lonna's brother Aryeh Ralbag himself is on Agudas.

Dusiznies said...

I don't give 2 hoots what you found online, I don't even care whether she defied bais din and went to court, and I certainly don't give a SH__ if her brother is Ralbag ....
He has to give a get... that's it!

Realty Teams said...

You don't give 2 hoots but that is the halacha, that if she leveraged something in court that goes beyond her halachic right, then he doesn't have to give a get until she reverses course.

I don't know Kin. He might be every bit the jerk you say he is. So how about Lonna calls his bluff to rescind the court order and then if she is truly the victim & he is truly an unreasonable bastard, she will win.

Why in the world is Lonna gagging & muzzling him? Does she have something to hide? If not, let her come clean and prevail.

Dusiznies said...

You don't know Kin? but you seem to know Lonna?
You are a liar... you seem to know alot about this case!
She doesn't have to call his bluff, she doesn't have to do anything!
It also makes no difference if Lonna has something to hide... who the hell cares?
Tell the ugly bastard with bugeyes to give the get.....because I will not relent and will let the public know that this Kin guy is a Rasha Me'Rushah
Give the Get! Very simple ...... give the darn get!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Realty Teams said...

I knew bubkiss about either of them until I looked around through Google.

Who the hell cares is whoever cares about halacha. Kin might be a bad guy but he has a right in halacha to withhold the get if she is gagging him through court that he can't even talk to a beis din.

Very simple ..... rescind the darn court order and let the meritorious one win in beis din.

I have news for you. A lot of these rabbis who take the feminist route to always fight for the women in divorce disputes are also often covering up for molesters / pedophiles.

ORA co-founder Josh Ross - his father in law in Skokie is a registered sex offender

ORA posek Hershel Schlechter - as if he knew nothing about all the YU molesters?

Shmuel Kaminetzky - dumped Moshe Eisemann on Ner Yisroel to get him out of Philthydelphia

Moe Heinemann - the list of molesters he protects in Baltimore is so long it will crash Blogger's server

Izzy Belsky - he doesn't always protect the woman if the guy has more money but Belsky needs no introduction

RCA / Beit Din of America - always protecting their own: Barry Freundel, Jonathan Rosenblatt, etc

Dusiznies said...

Listen here .... and listen good ....
this bastard Kin has no right to any Halachaha ... he is a roideif... and a Rasha to boot!
all he has to do is give the figgin get!
Nobody gives a damn about his rights anymore.... or about his miserable life!

Realty Teams said...

Divorce cases can get very emotional but before you gasp: "this bastard Kin has no right to any Halacha" that also would need a basis in halacha to be true.

If Kin started getting secular authorities involved before she did then that is one basis.

(Although still your pal Rabbi Ovadya Yosef who you cite to back certain liberal positions would argue because he poskens that even if a lowlife went to court to shake down more than halacha allows, he is still allowed to back out and say ok everyone go to beis din now - and even if the sleaze is only doing so because he is now completely losing the secular case and therefore wants to to recoup at least something in beis din)

Dusiznies said...

Tell your friend that miserable piece of crap to give the GET!
This case has a grey beard, the children are all grown up, and this vermin who calls himself Kin still refuses to give a get!
There is no hell hot enough for this ugly animal!

Anonymous said...

It really doesn't matter who owes who what, who went to beis din or secular court. The fact of the matter is he married and moved on, so it's time for him to allow Lonna to move on. Period.

You don't remarry and still hold your wife chained. Don't like what she is asking for? Too bad! He was the one who was eager to remarry and take care of his "needs" so he put himself at a disadvantage n negitiations. But he can't just walk out of the game altogether and leave a bas yisroel chained. That is unacceptable and doesn't work. That is what makes Meir Kin SCUM.

You don't like the Ralbags? Lonna didn't "choose" her family. That's who she is and that's who Meir Kin knew he was marrying.

Finally -- he moved on, it's high time to let Lonna move on too.

Anonymous said...

I know them both quite well - I lived only a few blocks away in Monsey - My daughters were/are (one has moved away) great friends with her daughters. - she was also my realtor when I sold my Monsey home. - I have known both Meir and his family since Meir was about 12 years old. my Dad o'h sat NEXT to his dad in shul, my mom is still best friends with his mom. - Lonna on the other hand even had an engagement party AT HER HOME for MY daughter.
I was even asked by Lonna to mediate.

Let me tell you authoritatively

DIN is DEAD WRONG in this issue - dead wrong - and it is because of folks like DIN, YU, RCA, and just real bad friends that Lonna is in the state she is in - just PURE BAD ADVICE.

in a secular court of law the judge doesn't just "grand a divorce" it is not something you are instantly entitled in ANY state I know of, much less New York. - why should a jewish divorce not be dependent on negotiations? - where are you getting this idea of "give get without strings attached"? - what halachic or even MORAL basis do you have for that?

Like i said - I know them both WELL - i know the case reasonably WELL - i know the gripes of each one quite WELL and for a long time - I believe that proper mediation and negotiations that are fair and unbalanced would greatly benefit far better then the bullying tactics that have already proven several times over to be ineffective.

Dusiznies said...

She doesn't want him .... the bastard has to get over it .....
if you tie a woman's hands for so many years ... he should either drop dead or give her the divorce with no strings attached .......
I know them better than you ....
and I think that I know you since you basically described where you lived ...
it's because of enablers like you that women are agunois ...
tell him to go to hell ... the sooner the better!

Anonymous said...

DIN: If more people spoke up like you we would not have an agunah problem. I do not know the case. However, since he remarried without giving his wife a get, I agree there is a very special place in hell for him - they know how to make it hot enough! And, all those enablers that *know better * do not comprehend that you cannot negotiate with evil people. It is impossible!

Blogger said...

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