Sunday, June 14, 2015

Were Dasan V'aviram Satmar?

Originally, while still in Egypt they were committed Zionists, we know that, because they survived the makkah of Choshech in Mitzrayim. Only those Jews who wanted to remain in Chutz L'aaretz succumbed to the plague of darkness! Even though Dasan V'aviram were rashaim having given over information to Pharoh that Moshe killed the Egyption, Hashem spared them because at that time Dasan V'aviram still looked forward to go to Eretz Yisrael.

In this week's Parshas Korach, we see a sudden turn of events in reference to Dasan V'aviram. When Moshe goes to talk to them, to try to convince them to coax them to separate from the "Gadol Hador" Korach, they utter words right out of the Satmar handbook Al Hagilah V'al Hatmirah ...they say with proudness 
"Lo naaleh, we will not make aliya!"

The Satmar Rebbe R' yoel z"l did not allow any Satmars to make Aliya pre-WW2, even when the cursed Nazis were nipping at the Hungarian/Roumanian borders ...... and get this, even after WW2, having  learned that 6 million Jews were annihilated, he was adamant that they remain in Chutz L'aaretz ,unless they had special permission.

So what actually  happened that turned Dasan V'aviram to become ardent Satmars?

They attached themselves to then "Gadol Hador"....  Korach! 

There were other Gedolim (Moshe and Aaron, Yehoshuah, Kalev)  that advocated going to Eretz Yisroel, and it  mattered not who lived there....even if Eretz Yisroel was surrounded by enemies; Ameleik lived in the Negev, the Chittes, the Yevusites, the Amorites lived on the mountain, the Canaanites lived by the sea and by the banks of Jordan...but all the Gedolim really wanted was the gift that Hashem gave us .... Eretz Yisroel.

but they, Dasan V'aviram listened to their "Gadol" who even though their Gadol made absolutely no sense and spoke and 'ploppeled" naarishkeiten,  they went with their "Daas Torah" and said
 "Lo Naaleh .....Nope ....No  Aliya for us"
We now  know the catastrophic results in both situations!


Anonymous said...

Doson and avirom were known as anti Moshe Rabeinu, the founder of Zionism the PEGER TOMEH is known about his disgusting writings against Moshe Rabeinu and the founder and first pm of the Zionist regime wrote in a article in the NY Times that the founder of Zionism was bigger than Moshe Rabeinu afra lepumei, so that says everything about who's who

Anonymous said...

should not come as a surprise,as it is well known,the Satmar Rebbes great grandfather the YISMACH MOSHE claimed that he is a gilgul of one of the YIDDEN of DOR HAMIDBAR,and he remmembers that by the machlokes of KORACH with MOSHE he was neutral and was not sure who to go with.
as is well known that NISKATNU HADOROS,therefore if his great grandfather was not sure who was right,his great grandson reb Yoilish
decided that it's KORACH and DASAN V'AVIRAM who are right,
DIN keep up your good work,the criminally insane SATMAR shit-a needs to be exposed

Hee Haw said...

UJA appeal under disguise in Satmar's main beis medrash

As it states "JDC", the chassidim were told that the appeal was for the Joint who gave Satmar a lot of money in those days. Joint were only indirect Tzionyim, unlike the Avi Avos haTumah UJA Tziyonim.

Work Ethic said...

OMG! What a chillul Hashem