Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Lakewood residents don't want Fancy Supermarkets... just want supermarket with reasonable prices!

Starkist Tuna used to have a slogan "don't give me good tasting tuna, just give me tuna that tastes good"
Lakewood residents are saying: "don't give us supermarkets that look good, give us supermarkets that are reasonable"
It looks like fancy supermarkets are bankrupting those with large families... "who needs a whole row dedicated to potato chips?" "Who needs entire rows dedicated to candy?" "Who needs the meats ready for the oven?' 
so Lakewood residents are petitioning KRM to move to Lakewood!

A group of residents of Lakewood, NJ, have banded together to call for a reasonably-priced supermarket to open in their town.
With the planned openings of several new supermarkets in their town, these residents are focused on the vacant store of Shop Rite in Shop Rite Plaza at Route 9 and Kennedy Blvd., from which Shop Rite recently departed to move down the road.
These residents have created a petition, asking the KRM supermarket of Brooklyn, NY – founded by the noted baal tzedakah and baal chesed Rabbi Moish Binick – to open a branch in the now empty Shop Rite store.
The text of the petition is as follows:
KRM, please move into the former Shop Rite location:
We, the people of Lakewood are desperate for a supermarket that will offer affordable prices in a convenient, nearby location. We don’t need another fancy grocery store that will focus on selling expensive prepared foods and everyday groceries at convenience store prices. 
KRM, we know good and well that you will be able to open an amazing supermarket as has been shown for many years in your current locations. 
Please do us a favor (probably even a mitzvah) to the 99% of families that can’t afford the current grocery pricing in Lakewood.  Please open a location in Shop Rite Plaza.
The petition can be seen here.


Anonymous said...

unfortunately, this location is under a long term lease contract with a competitor.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Gourmet Glatt aka Kauftiel pay huge money to Shoprite to not just sell him the location but that they have stay out of Lakewood period?

Kauftiel is on a serious buying binge. He bought Key Food in Woodmere which as a goyish place was the ONLY 5 Towns supermarket selling a very mehudar shechita, Rav Miller from Monsey, when all the "heimishe" 5 Towns supermarkets are selling much less mehudar.

Kauftiel also owns Monsey's Evergreen. And if you can believe the weekly changing rumors about another Monsey supermarket which is on it's death bed, Newday in Airmont, it is becoming a 2nd location of Evergreen according to the LATEST rumor.