Sunday, June 14, 2015

Al Sharpton Blames Parents for Calling Out their White daughter that was masquerading as a Black NAACP Official

Ha Ha... how crazy is this..? How low has this black fool sunk?

Al Sharpton yesterday slammed the parents of Spokane NAACP President Rachel Dolezal, saying he has to wonder what their motives were for revealing her to be a white woman, not an African-American, as she claims.
The Meshiginar Rachel Dolezal that is white ans says she's black
“On one level, you’ve got to say to her, you’re misleading us, but on another level, mom and dad, come on,” he told TMZ. “Are we gonna have this dysfunctional family stuff play out and distract us from real key civil rights causes. Be the adults here. You just now noticed she was in the NAACP?”
But still, Sharpton pointed out that the real issue is not race, as there are whites “in all of our organizations,” and who died fighting for civil rights.
“It’s not about whether she is white or black, but are you going to be honest?” he said. “Don’t be misleading… if you’re fighting for the rights of people, don’t deny who you are.”
However, Sharpton wondered why Dolezal’s parents, Lawrence and Ruthanne Dolezal, waited until Friday to appear on television to discuss her.
Instead, he said, they waited until she became more prominent before making their statements, Sharpton said.
“You’ve got to ask the question, ‘what are Mom and Dad’s motives here… where’ve you been?” he replied.
Her parents, Lawrence and Ruthanne Dolezal told CNN Friday that their daughter has been claiming to be black for years, but they were never asked about her until recently. The couple has four adopted children, three of whom are African-American and one from Haiti, in addition to Dolezal, who is their biological daughter.
They also shared a photo of her, taken while she was younger and showing her with blonde hair, and a birth certificate that lists themselves as Dolezal’s parents.
Her mother told CNN that Dolezal cut ties with them several years ago, as “she doesn’t want to be seen with us because that ruins her image.”

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