Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Rabbi Yair Hoffman throws the Har Habayis under the bus!

Rabbi Yair Hoffman became a posik writing for the 5 "Clowns" Times. He seems to be a "Yodia Sefer" and actually has some interesting "Teshuvois".
For example,  he once paskened that Goldfish are not kosher, even though they clearly have scales and fins!
But in order to fit in with the Yesivishe Crowd, ..... R' Hoffman  has to throw them a bone once in awhile, otherwise he would be branded a "Zionist" Chas Ve'sholem, or even worse, an "Am Haaretz."
So what better way to find favor with the "big beards" than to give the entire Har Ha'bayis, that cost so much Jewish blood, to the Arab savages, that would make all the Litvishe "gedoilim" happy, and R" Yair could now be counted as one of "them!" 

The great poisek Morah Harav Hagoen HaTzaddik Hoffman (Av Bais Din d"kock" 5 Clowns) now suggests that the OU statement supporting the campaign of the Temple Institute Organization to give equal freedom of prayer and visitation rights to all religions including Jews...... be "rescinded." 

Personally, I laud the courages statement of the OU. 
Finally an organization who doesn't take Litvaks as Torah Me'sinai! An organization that will not allow Arabs to tell Jews in Eretz Yisroel what to do and where to daven!

I am not going to go into the halacha whether one is allowed to go on the Har Ha'bayis..... that was tackled by great gedoilim all the way back to the times of the Geonim.... with many great poiskim ruling that one is allowed to walk on the Har Habayis..
but if there are Frum Jews who follow their "Daas Torah" and put their lives literally on the line... by going to the Har Ha'bais so that the Arabs don't completely control our Holy Makom Ha'Mikdash, and fight every single day to be there, so that the Israelis don't G-D forbid relinquish their control, why is  Hoffman the "Tuchis Leker" denouncing the statement of the OU supporting The Temple Institute Organization .... all because he wants to  curry favor with the Litvishe Roshei Yeshiva?

 Because Yair wants the  Roshei Yeshivah and the Litvishe Chachumim to give him the proper respect, he is prepared to let the Arabs have the Bais Ha'mikdash!

So here is an introduction to his "teshuvah" in referece to the Temple Mount!

"Yesterday, the Orthodox Union released a statement supporting the campaign of the Temple Institute Organization in their demands of the Knesset regarding the Temple Mount. The Temple Institute has been demanding equal freedom of prayer and visitation rights for Jewish visitors at the Temple Mount.
While the sentiment that lies behind the OU statement is certainly laudable, the halachic position taken by the organization’s leadership lies in stark contrast to the position of the great Poskim of the generation, both who are still living and those who have passed on. The OU’s statement follows a similar statement released by the RCA approximately one year ago.
With due respect, it is this author’s opinion that the OU statement should be rescinded. The Temple Institute’s platform, which certainly l’shaim shamayim, is a position that is against what most of Poskim, Roshei Yeshiva and Gedolim hold.
What follows is a Halachic analysis of why we should not, at this point, be praying on Har HaBayis. It is written with due respect for the Rabbis who feel that it is permitted to go up on Har HaBayis. Nonetheless, we cannot allow our ahavah for Eretz Yisroel obscure our thinking. The greatest of our Gedolim have forbidden treading upon Har HaBayis and we must endeavor to understand the reasoning behind it."


5 Towns said...

While it's true that Hoffman is often a lecker who picks the wrong side, you are way out of line.

First of all, it is not normative halacha today to go up to Har Habayis no matter who said it way back when.

Second of all, you are right to not give in to the Arabs. But there is an easy fix to let the IDF put a whole battalion up there of of soldiers who are non-Jewish Russians & Circassians.

Third of all you should ashamed for stooping to the level of Haaretz, Yossi Sarid & Scott Rosenberg to call Charedi Jews "parasites"

Don't you see what's happening at the OU how they are being completely hijacked by the extreme Left? Prof. Marc Shapiro is probably right that when female "rabbis" start popping up at OU shuls soon, the OU will cave in because they don't want up to 40% of their membership to defect to Avi Weiss.

Dusiznies said...

5 Towns
I Hear what you say, however,
If the Arabs see that there aren't any Jews going ON the Har Ha'bayis they will make it de-facto Arab!
So why not let some Jews who follow their Moreh Derech that allows them to go there go there least to have some Chazakah!
There were Gedoili Ha"torah in the last 1,500 years that paskened that one can go Le"katchilah on the Har Habyis ... why cant we be Soimech on them when it comes to the Har Habayis?
One is allowed to be Mechaalel Shaabos to buy land in Eretz Yisroel from a goy...I think based on this halacha, Jews that have a psak of their Rav, that they can go, and they want to go .... should be encouraged, not be denounced by a 5 Clowns Rav!
We need one Rav with guts to allow it just so the Arabs don't completely control it..
your suggestion for having non-jewish guards has been tried and still doesn't give us a presence!

Anonymous said...

Oh come on now, when Moshiach comes the Arabs won't be able to produce anything resembling a chazoka. They are going to get their fannies kicked to the moon.

If there is anyone who should be criticized over Har Habayis it is the secular government for allowing the Arabs to do excavating up there & haul off archeological proofs to the dump.

Speaking of Scott, he is greppsing today as usual, this time because a Belzer member of Knesset criticized the rabble rouser Reform women with the Torah scrolls. Scott calls the Belzer the "most outlandish & disrespectful Knesset member in history". The hypocrite self-hating Scott has never once criticized the Arab members of Knesset who call for all Jews to be kicked out of Israel.

Anonymous said...

You guys are all missing the point. R' Hoffman, he of the 5 Clowns, threw a red herring to deflect his rabid anti-Zionism. So he talks about Har Habayis this , Har Habayis that....
Isn't he the one who drew up some cockamamie chart about the Israeli wars and how proportionately, more IDF were casualties because of some tenuous connection to draft, learning, "anti" religious? Or something like that... Where's his chart about how many ehrliche yidden were thrown into gas chambers, pogromed, driven out of countries, etc, etc, etc, BEFORE the State of Israel..?

Once in a while, I pick up that 5 Clowns paper at the bakery where I cheat on a some donuts, and Oopah..!!! He's always in there... Used to see him featured in Yesh. World blog when I was naïve enough to read it..Can anyone show a good word that this man ever wrote about Israel..???????

All these rabbis throwing cold water on Israel, discouraging yidden about it, constantly finding fault there, cursing it, belittling it, discouraging Aliyah and never speaking a warm word about it, are playing a dangerous game.. Last week , we learned of the "Eideh" , the greatest rabbis of the Dor Hamidmar weeping all night after the meraglim report....

This here country is changing... Economics under Obama & Democrats is in the toilet... American free enterprise is in the toilet... Anti-Semitism is on the rise... Anti-Israeli bias is rampant and getting worse...Jewish students harassed on campuses...

You guys just keep your head in the sand.... keep moving to Pissaic, Miami Birtch, Hoca Boca, Peaneck or wherever... This up 'n' coming community with a mikvah, restaurants , blah, blah ,blah... Listen Jews... Joe Louis was right... " You can run but you can't hide.."

the Derby

Anonymous said...

Derby- your so wrong. R' Hoffman is actually a pretty big Zionist maybe know what your talking about before making up lies.

Anonymous said...

I'll stand corrected if you prove me wrong... Are there

2 R' Yair Hoffmans?? Is he or isn't he the one with the "chart?"


Anonymous said...

In fact, please show a link to a pro-Zionist piece that he wrote....


Anonymous said...

He IS against drafting yeshiva boys into the IDF, is he not?
He DID make a chart on Israeli war casualties vis-à-vis yeshivos and drafts did he not? Do a search on Yeshiva World... I saw it there...
Otherwise , I'll apologise if he didn't write an anti-Zionist piece..
However, here's what R' Slifkin had to say about his position against the draft... Rational Judaism , March 12, 2014.

"......Rabbi Hoffman concludes that "The month of Adar should counter the spirit of disunity and contribute to family love." But it's difficult to have unity when a community of Jews protests against the Government of Israel with the words, "G-d, nations have come into Your portion, defiled Your holy Temple… Pour out your anger on the nations which do not know you, and on the kingdoms which do not call out in Your Name” (Tehillim 89:1,6). It's difficult to have unity when a community of Jews demonstrates against the Government of Israel not in Brooklyn or Lakewood, but in front of the non-Jews of Manhattan. It's difficult to have unity when a community of Jews compares the Government of Israel to Amalek and Haman, even though the government has no desire to harm Jews, only to reduce the unfair inequalities in Israeli society. It's difficult to have unity when a community of Jews has no hakaras hatov for the sacrifices that they demand others to make, and when they have no intention of sharing in this burden.

"....... So please, Rabbi Hoffman, spare us your call for unity, which is just a fig leaf for asking people to drop their objections to the charedi system. Please address your call for unity to the charedi community instead, and ask them to unify with the rest of Israel in its responsibilities and concerns.