Monday, June 15, 2015

Chareidi Soldiers Saved By A Miracle As Jeep Turns Over on Terrorist

Chareidi Nachal that participated in military activity yesterday in the Arab village of Malik in the vicinity of Ramallah turned over as a result of obstacles placed by local residents. The jeep rolled over an Arab who tried to attack the soldiers with a Molotov cocktail and killed him.
The four Chareidi soldiers who were in the jeep survived the attack, partially due to the precaution they exercised during the ride. The dead terrorist was previously known by law authorities in Israel.
The soldiers entered the village of Malik for an ordinary activity of summoning a few of the local residents for investigations with the Shin Bet. As the activity began, the soldiers were pelted with stones and were tackled by numerous obstacles positioned in the village roads in order to encumber their exit. As the activity concluded, one of the jeeps tried to bump into the obstacles in order to remove it – an attempt that had to it turning over. The Arab lured the jeep so he would be able to throw a Molotov cocktail once the vehicle approached, but he was eventually squashed under it.
As a result of the incident, protests broke out at dawn in the village, with blocks, stones and Molotov cocktails hurled at the soldiers. The soldiers managed to get out of the village, boruch Hashem. Rabbis at the Nachal Chareidi Foundation escorting the Chareidi soldiers throughout their military service stated that “the Chareidi Nachal soldiers risk their lives on a daily basis in face of the organized and spontaneous terror of the Arabs. We thank G-d that the event ended successfully.”

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