Thursday, June 18, 2015

Satmar Grandchild in the IDF, Video

Ari Fuld and IDF special forces soldier (and grandson of the Satmar Rebbe) Chaim Meisels.
One Lone soldier's journey from the anti-Zionist Satmar enclave in Borough Park to an elite IDF combat unit...

The Jews of Lawrence-Cedarhurst NY are no strangers when it comes to IDF support. There are tens of “Lone soldiers” who are currently serving in the IDF from that area. That is why it was no surprise that the Young Israel of Lawrence-Cedarhurst made a very generous donation and asked Standing Together to help a specific unit in which one of their congregants has a nephew serving.

We made contact with the officer of the elite Egoz unit and after a month of preparations we scheduled a day to meet them on base and give them the gear that was sponsored by YILC.
As we drove on to the base it was hard not to notice the smiles on the soldiers’ faces.
The Egoz unit is a “Sayeret”(Elite) unit and they have now been on base for over 3 weeks in an intense training course. Their phones have been confiscated and I cannot tell you details of their training regimen, but I can tell you that they have been completely cut off from the outside world and they are working hard, VERY HARD!
As we unloaded the water packs, dry-fit clothing, Leatherman utility tools and personalized gear backpacks to give out to the soldiers, we could hear the bursting excitement from the soldiers.
“Oh my God! WOW! Where is this from? Are you serious?! YEEESSHHH! (‘Yeah baby’ in Hebrew).”
Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 1.39.02 PM
The truth is, if the day would have ended right there, it would have been a perfect day, but nothing prepared me for what happened next!
I asked the guys if there is someone who speaks English as we are looking for someone to send a video message back to the Young Israel of Lawrence-Cedarhurst. They all immediately pointed to a specific Kipah wearing soldier and as I walked over to introduce myself he stood up to shake my hand and say thank you.
I have met many Lone soldiers and the first thing any respectable Jew does is play Jewish geography, so I asked him where he is from.
When he answered Borough Park, I felt my face shift in wonder as I said, “Did you say Borough Park?!”
He gently smiled and repeated it again, Borough Park.
The prominent Ultra-Orthodox community in Borough Park, NY does not have many kids drafting into the IDF, so my curiosity was at its apex.
I asked the soldier for his name and when he responded, Chaim Meisels, my knees buckled.
Chaim Meisels is no ordinary Lone soldier. Chaim Meisels is the grandson of the Satmar Rebbe!
(I will pause here a second for those of you who just fell off your chair or spilled your drink.)
You read correctly, Chaim Meisels is the grandson of the Berach Moshe, better known as the Satmar Rebbe.
What is he doing in Sayeret Egoz?
I asked the question and before I knew it, I was in a deep discussion with this very special Lone soldier.
One can understand if Chaim would have been angry and bitter towards Satmar as they completely shut him out since he left, but that is simply not the case.
As much as I tried not to speak about politics and hashkafa, it is a little difficult when speaking to the Satmar Rebbe’s grandson who happens to also be wearing an IDF uniform and serving in one of the IDF’s most elite units.
No matter how many times I asked about his family and Satmar, Chaim did not have a single negative word to say about anyone.
“I love my parents dearly and have only love and respect for them.” That is the way Chaim answered my question about his family’s reaction to his decision to join the IDF.
It’s not that I was looking for something negative to report, I just wanted to understand the hardships Chaim had to go to to get to where he is now. No matter how many questions I asked, Chaim had only positive things to say.
Even when I inquired about his recent trip to the States for his brothers wedding, Chaim refused to say anything negative.
I knew from a friend in the Satmar community that when Chaim arrived dressed in a bekeshe and all, the community did not allow him into the hall for his own brother’s wedding.
Chaim smiled and said, “In the end my parents let me in and it was a happy and beautiful Chassene (wedding).”
I cannot imagine the amount of personal strength and courage needed to do what Chaim did and I do not really know how the Satmar community is reacting. What I do know is that while supplying Chaim and his unit with gear, I felt a tremendous feeling of unity.
A young IDF soldier by the name of Chaim Meisels taught me, in his modest and Menshlechkite way, that a love for Am Yisrael and a positive attitude is more powerful than anything else.
About the Author: Ari Fuld is a sergeant in an IDF reserves elite paratroopers unit. His is the assistant director of Standing Together, an organization that supports IDF soldiers.


Chinese on Satmar crime said...

A resident of the Village of Kiryas Joel was stabbed, allegedly by a janitor while at a synagogue on Van Buren Road in the village early Wednesday afternoon.

The male victim sustained a wound to his upper leg from a small screwdriver, State Police said.

The alleged assailant, Jae Kyung Lee, 56, of Monroe, was charged with felony assault and criminal possession of a weapon.

What precipitated the incident was unknown.

Romanisher Ferd said...

The Mossad must have planted a Chinese Tzioni sleeper cell in KJ.

Anonymous said...

He has MENTCHLICKEIT? A subhuman who dumped a wife and a child for the only reason because he wanted to "enjoy life" is in your twisted mind a hero but in reality he's a POS a LOSER and a HEFKER YUNG

Dusiznies said...

Isn't that what Miriam said about her brother Moshe Rabbeinu that he dumped his wife and kids?

KJ said...

It was not a screwdriver, it was an ice pick.

The victim just finished davening shmoyna esrei when he was attacked so even if he did anything to the Chinaman it was not right before the stabbing.

Anonymous said...

You schmuck you wanna compare this loser to lehavdil Moshe Rabeinu? This guy should of been honest with himself, his wife and child, he knew very well what he's up to, why did he take a innocent girl who he knew is frum and made her life miserable? Only after he was caught being mechallel shabbos he proclaimed he's not frum and wants out that's called a lowlife selfish subhuman

Anonymous said...

Hey 10:30...
You seem to know for a FACT all details of everybody's private life... Info you pick up at weddings during the 2nd dance when everybody's good and and besotted.
First of all, it's irrelevant even if true.

2nd... Maybe he wanted her to go along and she refused.. He can give her a get for that, you know. Aye, you wanna teineh b'zman hazeh it doesn't apply, just like maybe yishuv EY... Well, how come chadash applies... I grew up not knowing what chadash is, and now every shmegegie bakery has this big sign plappling about chadash & yoshon..

3rd... Even if he came to EY WITH is wife & kid, would it change your opinion of the holy IDF ??

As I mentioned on the other thread, you're probably an unemployed leidigeir kohen looking for tzoraas, mooms, disqualifications, ervah, tumah,failed marriages,hefkeirus.......

Pick up a hobby instead... Like origami.... Folding paper to make interesting things.... I knew somebody who was great at it and he never had time to yenta about other people's private lives...

the Derby

Dusiznies said...

This is the way of the Romanian gypsies, my friends.... they take a guy who finally saw the light, no less then the Holy Beirach Moshe's grandchild and besmirch him ....
to those uncivilized barbarians...a guy who joins the IDF is a mechalleil shabbos!
I know for a fact that Chaim Meisels is a Shomer Torah U'Mitzvois...
Who knows why he left his wife... there are many divorces in the community even grandchildren of big Rebbes...
BTW the R' Aaron Teitelbaum married a Zionist, And R' Yoilesh till the day of his death was very upset with his nephew The Beirach Moshe....that shows you how twisted and fanatical the crazed bizarre SHIT'ah of Satmar is....
Yes I'm comparing him to Moshe Rabbeinu, both wanted very much too be in Eretz Yisroel and B"H one succeeded and both served the Jewish people!

Anonymous said...

We can only hope that this fine young man is a source of inspiration to many other young satmar boys to leave the disgusting cult. Because that is what satmar is, a cult. Full of rude, narcissistic people who hate anyone not dressed in the clothes of 200 years ago. No respect for others. Bloomingburg, Monroe, etc. Just bulldoze your way thru any place you choose, upset the inhabitants and then scream anti semitism. Yes, I know, Its all ok, because they have bikur cholim. That makes everything kosher.

Anonymous said...

Another example of attack is the recent behavior exhibited by the leadership of the Rockland Republican Party. On their official Facebook page, the Republican Party has gone on the offensive by re-posting articles critical of the Hasidic community and in comments directed at “the Bloc vote”. Ironically, it is the Hasidic and Orthodox community that shares the most with the Republican Party in the area of social conservatism. Yet the Party seems to have taken the official position that since the Hasidic vote has generally been given to the Democrats of Ramapo, they will gain more political capital in opposing the Hasidic community then by seeking their support.

This is the worst consequence of the new “writing-off the Bloc” movement. Both the East Ramapo advocates and the Rockland Republicans have come to the conclusion that they are better off politically by spreading fear and demonizing a community than by working together to find the solutions to complex issues.

I wonder though how acceptable it would be to criticize any other group based upon characteristics that some perceive are inherent in that group. For example, by some estimates, the African American community routinely votes up to 90% in support of Democrat candidates. In light of this fact, I’m curious if the Rockland Republican Party would proudly and publicly wage a campaign to “write-off the Black vote” as easily as they proclaim their desire to “write-off the Bloc vote”?

Anonymous said...

Switched to become a schNorerr

Anonymous said...

KO HAKAVOD to this amazing and courages young man,
Chaim Meisels is the only one normal person coming out of that criminally insane ignorant savage
Barbarian family known as the " Teitelbaum gangsters"

'Sachdis said...

I'm surprised DIN didn't catch this detail.

The rabbi of Young Israel Lawrence-Cedarhurst is a moderner descendant of the Teitelbaum clan too, Rabbi Moshe Teitelbaum.

Anonymous said...

Does this menuval "fotog" (media photographer) do any work for our favorite clown at Ami Magazine?:

חשיפה: צלם חרדי מוכר נעצר בחשד שביצע מע"מ בקטין • פרסום ראשון
נכתב ע"י אביחי אהרוני | תאריך: יוני 18, 2015 | ב: דוסלבס, כללי, סלבס
פרסום ראשון: צלם עיתונות חרדי ידוע, נעצר לפני שבוע בחשד לביצוע מעשים מגונים בקטין, והובא בשבוע האחרון בפני שופטי בית המשפט השלום ברמלה להארכת מעצר.
החשוד (שמו המלא שמור במערכת) שעפ"י החשד ביצע מעשי זוועה בקטין, מוכר מאוד לברנז'ה החרדית ומשמש כצלם עיתונות מוצלח שתמונותיו עולים בכלי התקשורת החרדים וגם הלא.
החשוד, חסיד חב"ד, התגרש רק לאחרונה מאשתו עקב עניינים משפחתיים ואף כתב על כך בדף הפייסבוק שלו ושיתף את חבריו בטלטלה המשפחתית שעבר.
כאמור, החשוד הובא להארכת מעצר בבית המשפט ועו"ד אף הגישו בקשה לצו איסור פרסום על שמו של החשוד, אך בית המשפט דחה אותה. פיצ'יפקעס בוחר שלא לפרסם את שמו כדי לא לפגוע במשפחתו ובסביבתו הקרובה ושומר את הפרוטוקול המלא שהגיע לידיו במערכת.

Shutterfliegel said...

Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg is identifying the molester photographer as Meir Dahan from Kfar Chabad.

Dahan is the official camera guy for basically all Lubavitcher websites and a lot of Charedi newspapers so I am sure he had at least a few pictures appear in Ami Magazine. Let's see if Frankfurter goes to bat for Dahan like he has for other pedophiles.

DIN will have to update the image of Frankfurter's clown hat with the insignia of a pro-pedophile group.

Trailer Trash on Satmar crime? said...

Could the other party in this Bloomingberg dispute be Satmar or from the company of Norman Lamm's son?

chusid101 said...

Why are u anonymous if your so smart??

Dusiznies said...

Rashi was smarter than me and he wrote anonymously ...that's why Tosfos writes
pirish Ha'kutros"