Sunday, June 28, 2015

Oren takes out the self hating Jew Liar Indyk on CNN

The biggest  Self hating Jewish Liar, Martin "liar" Indyk  debated Michael Oren, former Ambassador to the United States on CNN .... Oren recently wrote a book exposing the anti-Israel US administration...
Here see a clip .... Oren taking out Indyk when he parrots the White House talking points.


Anonymous said...

Shmarya (ben Alfred) Rosenberg posted the video with a big AHA! Oren is LYING!

I don't think anyone sees Oren "lying" besides oh Failed one. And actually as delusional as he is I don't think he saw it either.

Shmarya goes on to WISH that US Jews are going to stop giving money to Israel. Shmarya must be disappointed that Israel is keeping out the Black African criminals trying to overrun the Sinai border to change the Jewish character of the State so on to another fantasy to destroy Israel.

Finally, Shmarya should don either a kefiya or Satmar frisbee when he makes this strange outburst:

"Israel is not our country ... and our money should not be used to support its government."

Tropper yeshiva alumni said...

Shmarya claimed he could only find a tiny portion of the video clip that did not show Oren at his best.

Meanwhile everyone else was magically able to find the whole video.

Only being able to find a fraction of the video is as credible as Shmarya's denials that he ever attended Tropper's yeshiva.

Foggy Bottom said...

The whole video

Oren correctly points out that Obama picked Indyk on purpose because he doesn't get along with Bibi. Indyk blah blahs not true but only goes on a tangent to insist he overcame differences with Netanyahu. This actually only proves Oren's original point that Obama had bad intentions even if Indyk smoothed things over 100%.

Der Sturmer said...

What do you expect from Shmarya?

Of course he hates Michael Oren who is in shape, polished, has a 6 figure income and stands for something Jewish.

Did you expect anything different from an obese hermit holed up in his mother's basement who has not had any gainful employment in decades and who hates Judaism after his personality issues in shidduchim kept him single into old age?