Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Livni, the Satmarer, says Israel Has No Choice But to 'Toe Obama's Line'

This Livni must be from the same gypsy tribe as the Romanian Satmars. Her demented thoughts and words are right out of the Satmar handbook "Al Hagilah" . 

There, in that booklet of the late Satmar Rebbe z"l, the Rebbe  who lived in a comfortable and safe house on Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn, stated that Israel should have followed the  advice of the President of the USA.
He screams and rants in that Sefer the insane and misinformed notion that the Israelis started the  the 6 day war, and should have listened to President Johnson  that was pleading with the Prime Minister of Israel, Levi Eshkol, to wait another couple of weeks because he was negotiating with Nasser not to go to war!

 How Insane? 

Nasser was screaming that he was going to wipe Israel off the map and marched his third army at the footsteps of Israel ....blockaded the Gulf of Aqaba , an international act of war, and had  Syria and Jordan  surrounding Israel with thousands of troops and tanks  .... and the Satmer SHIT"ah ...was that Israel should wait!

This idea wasn't a new one for the Satmar Rebbe z"l, he advocated the same policy pre-WW2, when the Nazis yemach shmom, were nipping at the borders of Hungary, the Rebbe advised his Chassidim to wait it out and not make Aliyah, but he didn't listen to his own advice and escaped with the help of the Zionists to Switzerland!
The Satmar SHIT'ah is that Israel should listen to the President of USA, Barack Hussein Obama...
How blind to the facts can one be?

The Israel-US Relations Lobby of the Knesset met Wednesday morning, to discuss the latest developments in the ongoing relationship between both countries. Among the participants in the event were former Israeli ambassador to the US and current Kulanu MK Michael Oren, and former Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni.

According to Livni, Israelis are too quick to judge American stances on issues affecting their country. “Many Israelis think that they are 'okay,' and that the problems with the relationship with the U.S. stem from their side,” whether due to the American desire to impose a two-state solution, or other reasons.

But Israelis should give the U.S. more credit, said Livni. “I can tell you that – as former Foreign Minister – that every single major IDF mission begins with a phone call to the White House. Either we can be an isolated state fighting our enemies, or we can be an ally of the greatest power in the world and fight our enemies.”

One reason the Palestinian Authority has toughened its stances recently – demanding a full Israeli withdrawal from Judea and Samaria and most of Jerusalem as the price of avoiding charges at the International Court of Justice – is because “they understand Prime Minister Netanyahu's weak point – Israel's relationship with the world. 

If the U.S., for example, decides to change its policy of vetoing anti-Israel measures in the UN Security Council, where would we be?
“We need to be sensitive to the current situation,” said Livni. “It doesn't matter if the we like the American president or dislike him. We have to work with him, Democrat or Republican. We cannot place all our eggs in one party's basket, preferring one over the other. Too much is at stake.”

In an interview Tuesday with Channel Two, U.S. President Barack H. Obama issued a threat to Israel, referring to his remarks after the recent Israeli elections when he said America would have to reassess its policy towards Israel, and clarifying that at the time he was referring to something specific. "If there are additional resolutions introduced in the United Nations...up until this point we have pushed away against European efforts for example, or other efforts. Because we've said, the only way this gets resolved is if the two parties worked together," he said, referring to European moves to unilaterally recognize the PA as a state.

Describing Netanyahu, Obama said, "I think that he also is someone who has been skeptical about the capacity of Israelis and Palestinians to come together on behalf of peace. I think that he is also a politician, who's concerned about keeping coalitions together and maintaining his office."
"Netanyahu…is somebody who's predisposed to think of security first. To think perhaps that peace is naive," he continued. "To see the worst possibilities, as opposed to the best possibilities in Arab partners or Palestinian partners, and so I do think that right now, those politics, and those fears are driving the government's response. And, I understand it, but…what may seem wise and prudent on the short-term, can actually end up being unwise over the long-term."

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Satmar Watch said...

"the Rebbe advised his Chassidim to wait it out and not make Aliyah" - DIN, please post more reports as to how the Orthodox Hungarian Jews were betrayed and met their demise in Auschwitz due to the fanatical anti-aliyah activism of certain Hungarian rabbis.

Another point you might research - during WWII a large group of tens of thousands of non-Orthodox Jews were herded into a ghetto in Budapest and managed to survive the war there, while many of the Orthodox followers of the anti-Zionist rabbis in the provinces were murdered by the Nazis, Y"S. How do the Satmar geniuses explain this?