Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Israel’s Reform Jews Call For Removal Of Religious Affairs Minister Over ‘Offensive’ Comment

The Reform Jews never recognized Israel, I think that the Vatican recognized Israel before they did...
 Few Reform Rabbis side with Israel on any issue, they are by in large  a leftist anti-zionist  group.
In a lot of respects they are just like Satmar... they both hate Israel, and both are anti-Zionist.
So I find it amusing to see that they want to remove David Azulay, from his position as Minister of Religious Affairs, because he uttered the absolute truth, when he called the 
Reform movement a “disaster for the nation," today!

Leaders of Reform Jewry in Israel are demanding the removal of the new minister of religious affairs David Azoulay after he called the Reform movement a “disaster for the nation” Wednesday.
Azoulay, a member of the Orthodox Mizrahi Shas party, made his comment in a meeting with Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked regarding the government’s position on Women of the Wall, the feminist prayer group that makes monthly meetings at the Western Wall, according to Haaretz ( ).
Azoulay reportedly referred to group members as “provocateurs” for defying Orthodox customs.
Women of the Wall issued a statement saying that expect Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked not to take part in discriminatory regulations.
Reform Jewry reps sent a letter to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asking that he remove himself publicly from the comments.
Azoulay replaced Naftali Bennett as religious affairs minister.
Information taken from Haaretz

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