Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Mir Yeshivah in Yerushalyim orders it's students to ignore "Bomb" drill!

You got kids in Mir?  Does your precious child know what to do in case of, G-D forbid, a war?
Well there is a nationwide drill in all of Israel, and people must run to shelters to practice and get familiar with the locations ...
But the Mirrer "ober- chachumim know better, and advised their talmidim to ignore the drill!
We  know how important fire drills are, but it seems that the Roshei Yeshivah know better!

When protective edge started last summer, yeshivahs in Ashdod and Ashkelon closed up and their talmidim ran back home like poisoned mice.
So much for the theory that "Torah is Matzel" ... 

What lesson was that for Bnei-Torah? 

Why is it that the Hesder and Bnei Akivah yeshivos were open and their talmidim ran to help the local residents to shelters?
I strongly believe that  the Torah of those Hesder Yeshivas' Torah, were Matzel!


Anonymous said...

I was in Israel yesterday at Shaar Yafo (Jaffa Gate) when the siren went off. I stopped to look at the IDF soldiers and policemen. Business as usual. No one even looked up or stopped a conversation. May G-D watch over all our brothers and sisters in Israel and protect them from the Arab beasts. My point is don't be so quick to criticize Mir as being irresponsible (though I'm not sure what the point of a drill is if everyone ignores it !)

Dusiznies said...

I stand by every word I said....It wasn't "business as usual" My children live in Israel, and my son's yeshivah ran to a designated shelter as instructed!
Everyone needs this drill especially the foreign students...the fact that some "IDF soldiers and policemen didn't stop their "conversations" is besides the point, of course there will always be people that will ignore it....
but to post a notice on the bulletin board to ignore the drill on Mir Yeshivah stationery makes a mockery of something that can be useful in the future!
Shame on those big beards!