Thursday, June 25, 2015

Shlomo Erps Molests 4 year Old ...

A 27-year-old private school bus driver has been charged with molesting a 4-year-old boy, police said Wednesday.
Shlomo Erps, of Nancy Lane, Monsey, was arrested on a felony charge of first-degree sexual abuse, Spring Valley police Detective Robert Bookstein said.
Erps is accused of making sexual contact with a child on the bus for a Spring Valley private school in late May, Bookstein said.
Following a complaint and police investigation, police arrested Erps in early June, Bookstein said.
The boy's name and the details were not being disclosed. Bookstein said he didn't know the name of the school or bus company.
Erps has been released on $10,000 bail set by a Spring Valley judge, according to the authorities.


Mikva Reyd said...

Being whispered that this freak drives for the Viener Cheder.

Does anyone know if he has the Chestnut Ridge route? I have seen a Viener bus pulling over for long pauses around 8 am on a quiet street. I thought it was odd because I have never seen any other bus from yeshivos or public having the luxury of an early morning siesta when they are all busy struggling to keep up with their route schedule. Unless, veiss Ich nisht, maybe that was his first stop that he gets there early for.

Mr. Chitzoniyus said...

Tze duch a sad irony in all this that someone with kids on this bus route did not let his kids play with his neighbor's kids because even though they are just as frum if not more frum than shpitz heimishe, they don't LOOK heimishe enough.

Hey chuchem, that really worked out well for you associating with langa peyos Erps, nisht?

Anonymous said...

The company he drives for usually has a bus monitor on the bus with the children.

I've had plenty of time to pull over in middle of my morning routes.

Yudi K said...

Gehert az Harav Hagaon Lipa Margulies was told about these allegations this morning to which he replied kedarkoy for all so called "molesters", "sheker vechuzev!"

Margo is especially sympathetic to Erps being that Margo was the bus driver in Torah Vodaas before taking donor files from the office to start Torah Temimah.

Anonymous said...

Seems like he took the kid inside the yeshiva to molest

A school bus driver is accused of molesting a 4-year-old boy inside a Spring Valley yeshiva.

The incident allegedly occurred at Talmud Torah Adas Yereim on Union Road.
Sholomo Erps, 27, was arrested in early June for allegedly molesting the child in May.

School officials say they suspended the suspect but have not fired him because he has not been found guilty.

Erps, who is accused of first-degree sexual abuse, is currently free on bail.

He is due back in court on Sept. 11 at 9 a.m.

Anonymous said...

Peggy Fatty & Rhodes to Nowhere will be choking on their Big Macs tonight.

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Garvey had determined that the town failed to provide appropriate instructions on who was eligible to vote and how to vote via absentee ballot and so the election must be ruled invalid. The Appellate Division ruled unanimously that she did not have the authority to make the decision and that the votes cast must first be counted before any further challenges were made.

The Town of Ramapo was challenged in court by longtime GOP activist and candidate for several offices Bob Romanowski and 2013 Preserve Rockland candidate for town supervisor Michael Parietti. Romanowski and Parietti had worked for two years through the legal system to force a vote on the ward system, which would change council seating from four council seats selected from the vote of the entire town, to six specific council districts. Neither Parietti or Romanowski are trained lawyers.

Parietti is running this year on a fusion ticket, including the backing of the GOP, against incumbent supervisor Chris St. Lawrence.

Kenny the menuvol super lawyer said...

A chutzpah that Erps didn't hire ME! I'm supposed to have the exclusive in Monsey!

He's hired this secular Jew who was born in Brooklyn, moved to New City at some point in grade school, law degree from Touro, and intermarried mit an Italianishe.

Shlomo Burps said...

Lopin put on his blog that Erps is not a direct descendant of ex-YSV accused molester Boruch Erps but may be part of that extended Vizhnitzer mishpocho. Boruch Erps reportedly still sits on or near the front Mizrach vant in the main Vizhnitzer beis medrash.

Bedbug patrol said...

Mizrach "vantz" or shvantz is more like it

Anonymous said...

What happened to innocent until proven guilty? were you there to hear both sides before you jumped to a conclusion? i'm not saying he did or didn't do it, but its very easy to get someone arrested, his name dragged through the mud and then when he's proven innocent no one remembers to follow up...

Anonymous said...

With sexual crimes there is a something in halacha called "kol" that we assume some sort of guilt based on factors including that most people would not falsely accuse in that area especially since the accusers themselves suffer repercussions.

Kol does not work however if the accuser is an enemy, an establisher liar / nutcase or if the story is not plausible.

Kol works best when there are accusers from different times & places who do not know each other. Then it transforms into what is called Kala delo Pasik which is sort of like absolute raaya that the crimes happened.

You see, you get it all on DIN, including shiurei halacha.

Ausnutzer said...

June 25, 2015 at 3:17 PM

I figured out who that father is.

He doesn't always shun non-heimisher. When he needs something he can suddenly become very friendly for that short lived spurt

I saw one mayseh like that with him that was so disgusting I could have vomited

Anonymous said...

Before posting any comments, do any of you commentators know the accuser? Does anybody know the driver? Whoever knows the parents will tell you out right the truth here... The boy stated that this incident supposedly occurred while other kids were onlooking while they were going on to the bus to go home. And there is a TEACHER at that time. This story will eventually be cleared for Erps and nobody will say a hoot. Hopefully Erps will have the ability to file suit once he is cleared.

Anonymous said...

Is it true that they dropped the charges against him ? I hope it's true

Anonymous said...

Guys fist of all i would like to express my outrage that human beings could be so mean and rude and post such despicable comments on an innocent normal and bright human being that has little children of his own and is a married man. having known the guy since i was little, i can tell full hardheartedly that he would be the last guy to do such awful things. now, all i'm trying to say is that please don't accuse somebody especially a guy like him before anything has been proven through our justice system. i do understand that there's a old and growing problem in our Hasidic community, but that still doesn't justify accusing anyone before anything has been proven against him.

a good friend of shlomo said...

Dear Mr
Dus Iz Nies

They dropped the charges against shlomo erps.1) I don't understand why don't you put out the great news? And 2) why don't you take off the old news? Its not a right thing that he should still be on the news thanks for your understanding.