Monday, June 22, 2015

Obama will use the "N" word but he won't use the word "Islamist Jihad"

Here is a guy who gave instructions to the entire State Department not to use the word "Islamist Terrorism" but he, the President of the United States sees nothing wrong with  using the racist "N" word?
This is the state of affairs...

We have a black President that was elected twice, a black Attorney General, a black Supreme Court Justice, a black Secretary of State, and they are still worried about racism!

Then Chuck Todd and all the Sunday Journalists discuss and debate whether to prohibit flying the confederate flag .... while the entire world is burning.... get it? I don't !

Chuck Todd to Huckabee: Do You Display the Confederate Flag?

One of the major talking points in the media on Sunday wasn’t the Charleston shooting, per se, but the renewed debate regarding whether or not the Confederate flag has a place in modern America. Former GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney spoke out against the flag on Twitter, and current GOP hopefuls like Lindsey Graham, Jeb Bush, Rick Perry, and Rick Santorum have all broached the topic — some more forcefully than others.
Mike Huckabee followed suit on Sunday morning’s Meet the Press when host Chuck Todd asked the former Arkansas governor point blank, “Are you comfortable displaying the Confederate battle flag in public?”
I don’t personally display it anywhere, so it’s not an issue for me. That’s an issue for the people of South Carolina. Do you display it? I doubt it. Does anyone on your panel display it? I doubt it. For us, it’s not an issue.

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