Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Chevra Kadisha gangsters destroy a Women's kever on Har Hazeisim

The following is a bizarre story from Kikar Shabbos and was translated into English!
I don't know what really happened, since I never heard about this lady and  the son claims that thousands attended her Levayeh, but I speak to people in Yerushalyim and they never heard of her before either. 
Also the accolades on the Metzeivah don't fit in with the other Metzeivos, the other ones surrounding this Metzeivah are far more humble...
So I really don't know the truth.... but I do know that the Chevra Kadishah in Israel are by in large controlled by the Chassidishe Yerushlaimer Mafia..

Unfortunately, too often there are reports of damage to matzeivos in Har HaZeisim, by area Arab residents. 

In this case the damage to the matzeivah in the Har HaZeisim Cemetery was ordered by the Prushim Chevra Kadisha

Mrs. Leah Fisch died 20 years ago and thousands took part in the levaya to pay their last respects to the special woman who was known as one of the righteous women of Yerushalayim.

A few short years after she was buried the family noticed the matzeivah did not cover the kever as it should. 

Her son Dovid built a special addition including a place to light candles, thereby solving the problem of an area being exposed.

Dovid spoke with Kikar Shabbos News, explaining “My mother died 20 years ago and 5 years later the then-head of the chevra kadisha told me my mother was very tall, more so than the average person, and extended past the standard matzeivah area and he asked me to construct something as an addition to entirely cover the area to avoid any disgrace to my mother and this is just what I did”.

Dovid adds “Years passed and they did not speak to us about this. A year ago the son of the then-head of the chevra kadisha ran into me, and he told me ‘if not for my father I would destroy the matzeivah’ and a short time letter is was destroyed.

I rebuilt it. 

A few months ago the story became complicated. They began destroying the kever and removed the chairs placed nearby. We first believed it was the work of Arabs but we eventually learned the chevra kadisha was responsible”.

He continues to explain that despite the intervention of Yehuda Meshi-Zahav, who tried negotiating between Dovid and the chevra kadisha, the chevra kadisha during the night destroyed the entire matzeivah. He explains this time the damage was beyond repair and not only the matzeivah, but the actual kever too.

The son arrived the following day armed with a camera to document what had occurred. When an Arab worker was questioned regarding the materials that were removed, he told them “I sold the stuff” and then immediately changed his statement to “I placed it all in genizah”.

The worker explained that he was instructed to be break the matzeivah. 
The Arab worker explained to Dovid he was given a generator by his supervisor and they worked during the night. 

When asked who this person is the worker responded it was one of the directors of the chevra kadisha.

Dovid headed to the chevra’s office and broke down in tears over what was done to his mother’s kever. 
They told him to submit new plans to re-build ,which he submitted but one of the officials rejected it. 

Dovid adds they then had the nerve to suggest exhuming his mother’s remains to bury her elsewhere. They even offered to arrange this with a rav who would permit moving the remains.

Dovid was pained to the core, explaining his mother was a holy person and thousands attended the levaya yet they come like thieves in the night and destroy her kever.

Responding to the report, Zaka CEO Yehuda Meshi-Zahav explains that just this week the Knesset Interior Committee held a session to address the damage to kevarim from local Arabs and here the damage is from the chevra kadisha. 

He added in this case the chevra actually paid an Arab employee to destroy a kever without regard for kovod hameis. 

Meshi-Zahav concludes “Even if there are problems with the size of the matzeivah why destroy the actual kever. Who permits such action? How did your hands commit such an act?”

Chevra kadisha official Yitzchak Glaubstein told Kikar Shabbos “We have a psak halacha from Rav Moshe Brandsdorfer to destroy the matzeivah for it is gezel from the rabim”.

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