Sunday, June 14, 2015

Obama and the media... a bunch of lapdogs


East Ramapo said...

Assemblyman Walter Mosley (D-Fort Greene, Brooklyn), who recently signed onto a bill that would have required a monitor over an upstate school district under the control of the Ultra-Orthodox Jewish community, abruptly took his name off the bill because he didn’t like the “anti-Semitic overtones.”

“I was not raised to have hate,” said Mosley. “The bill had outright anti-Semitic overtones. On the face of the bill at first it looked benign and that’s why I signed on to it, but after talking to people and seeing what people were actually doing for the (school district) budget, I didn’t think it was necessary and I didn’t like the anti-Semitic undertones affiliated with it.”

Mosley said he would not dignify the anti-Semitism involved by going into the specifics of it, and that it was better to move onto more important issues in his district such as criminal justice reform and affordable housing.

Rockland County lawmakers Sen. David Carlucci, and Assemblywoman Ellen Jaffe, both of whom represent the troubled East Ramapo School District, authored the measure after several years of animosity and budget cuts to the public schools – largely attended by black and Hispanics – by the Orthodox Jewish community, which controls the school board.

Complicating the situation is the unusual make-up of the 33,500-student school district, in that only 8,500 attend East Ramapo public schools and 25,000 attend mainly yeshivas and other private Jewish schools.

Brooklyn Jewish leaders were quick to commend Mosley for his principled stand and growing leadership in the sometimes strained relationship between blacks and religious Jews in neighborhoods like Bedford-Stuyvesant, part of which he represents.

“He stood up for the civil rights of the people and the orthodox community and the entire New York State,” said Gary Schlesinger, Board Chairman of the United Jewish Community Relations and Enrichment (UJCARE). “It shows off a lesson that those people who are only there to rile up against their neighbors because of their race, religion and ethnicity will not be tolerated by elected officials. I commend Walter Mosley greatly for that.”

“Assemblyman Mosley has shown principled leadership by removing his name from this controversial bill. ‎I hope his action will encourage other assembly colleagues to take a closer look at this misguided legislation and bring the concerned parties together and to come to a reasonable and sensible compromise,” said Chaskel Bennett, a well-known Brooklyn Jewish community activist.

Mayseh Sdom in Israel said...

A Brandeis grad journalist with a non-Jewish name who is currently living in Israel doing work for a foundation, wrote this in a newspaper this morning. So the next time that the demented Failed Mess screams on his sick website that Israel is "racist" against African infiltrators, remember this:

Walking in my south Tel Aviv neighborhood was at times unpleasant, but it wasn’t frightening until March 19.

It was a Thursday morning on the corner of Har-Zion and Salame, less than 100 meters from my apartment. A 37-year-old woman was walking her dog when a man ran up to her, slammed her against a wall, threw her to her knees, pulled down his pants and sodomized her. For 10 minutes she tried to fight him off. She watched people walk by, look and continue along their way. She saw taxi drivers pull up next to where she was kneeling and then drive off. People passed her on their way to work and school. Buses drove by. Only one person stopped and called the police.

The woman who was assaulted is Israeli, white and Jewish, and the assailant was a man from Ghana, black and not Jewish.