Wednesday, June 3, 2015

First they throw rocks on IDF soldiers then they burn down the apartment of the Mashgiach

When Roshei Yeshiva, Rabbonim, and other leaders of the Chareidie community keep their mouth shut and don't condemn the violence against their fellow brothers in uniform, then Hashem makes sure that this comes back to bite them!

A  yeshiva Bochur attending Yeshivas Lev Simcha, affiliated with the Ger Chassidus, located in Arad, set the room of the mashgiach ablaze over a dispute between them. The arson attack occurred last week and police launched an investigation after it was determined the fire was the result of arson. 

A 20-year-old talmid was taken into custody on motzei Shabbos 12 Sivan. The suspect is a resident of Ashdod.

Police report the suspect connected himself to the allegations against him and an indictment was filed while the prosecution wants the suspect held without bail. 

The suspect appeared before a Beersheva court on Tuesday, 15 Sivan. The suspect remains in jail for the time being.

Friends of the suspect and other talmidim in the yeshiva are having a most difficult time digesting the realities of the case. It is explained the fire occurred on a day that everyone traveled to a chasenah so no one was around in the yeshiva.

District Police Chief David Shariki added B”H the blaze was brought under control and no one was killed or injured. He confirms the suspect connected himself to the crime of which he stands accused, also confirming police are asking that the suspect is denied bail.

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