Thursday, June 18, 2015

Chareidim freaking out because a lady will replace Alexander Hamilton on the 10.00 bill

Police are clearing lower Manhattan for a huge rally against the not-tznisdik proposal to put a picture of a lady on the $10.00 bill.

Chareidim have already torn all pictures of women from their respective newspapers and magazines. Some even remove the lady's name , and there is talk of removing all references to women from the entire Torah, especially the part where Yaakov kissed Ruchel!

So this is a huge setback for them... they don't even want to talk about the possibility of Hillary Clinton becoming President .....
Rabbonim are trying to convince the Lakewood Roshei Yeshivas to close the Lakewood Yeshivah so they can attend this mass protest, since it is an inyan of "Yehereg V'al Yaavor"
 In a show of achdus, both Bobover Rebbes will attend. Both Satmar Rebbes  will also attend providing that they burn the Israeli flag for good measure.

The U.S. Treasury announced on Wednesday that beginning in 2020, a woman’s face will replace Alexander Hamilton on the $10 bill.
Treasury Secretary Jack Lew said he’s looking for public input on which female historical figure should become the first to appear on U.S. paper currency for the first time in 119 years.
Hamilton will remain either on the bill’s reverse side or in a separate series while the 1.9 billion $10 bills in circulation are likely to last another 10 years.
No woman has appeared on a new currency since Martha Washington on a $1 silver note until 1896. Pocahontas was the first female, appearing on the $20 note beginning in 1865. 


Anonymous said...

Overheard at a Shoprite aisle while loading up on cans of baked beans with a heimishe hashgacha:
A certain prominent publishing house will henceforth refuse sponsorship from the Charlie & Chickie Shtoolgahngs because they'll pay with rolls of Martha Washington bills.

Rabbanit Tammy Kol Toov

This is even funnier said...

It's a spoof of the outrageous letter that YTT President Willy Wiesner sent the parents to cover up for Kolko molesting the kids

Willy Wiesner said...

Dear esteemed parents of Torah Temimah,

I wish to address the facts surrounding a vicious rumor being circulated by the usual troublemakers.

Rabbi Margulies was reported seen this week at a church grounds in downtown Manhattan near the New York Stock Exchange, davening by the kever of Alexander Hamilton, the Treasury Secretary from 250 years ago, that his stock portfolio should come back from the dead.

This is what actually happened. Rabbi Margulies was booked on a flight to Hungary to make a pilgrimage to the kever of the Yismach Moishe in Uhel. Unknown to him as he fell asleep, the flight from JFK actually made an emergency landing at Laguardia. He hailed a cab that happened to be driven by a Hungarian speaking driver. When Rabbi Margulies asked to be taken to the kever, he was dropped off at the Church.

As soon as the mistake was realized, Yehuda Eckstein from YeshivaWorld immediately arranged a helicopter for Rabbi Applegrad to be dispatched from the Lakewood airport to the Wall Street heliport to extricate Rabbi Margulies from the situation.

The yeshiva does not and never has had a policy in support of doresh el hamesim and you can rest assured that your children are receiving the finest chinuch.

Romanisher Ferd said...

In case DIN was not aware, Margulies was born in Satmar and he used to be the bus driver for Torah Vodaas. That's where he got the idea to take files from the office and use them to start "Torah Vodaas of Flatbush" which legal action forced him to change the name to Torah Temima.

Because Margo would not come to beis din when summoned for the Torah Vodaas geneiveh, Rav Yaakov Kaminetzky said that a yeshiva geboit oif geganvenna gelt vet nisht hubben a kiyum.

Sheiketz araus! said...

Margo also was mesarev l'din on no less than 3 batei din who were mazmin him for protecting Kolko.

Margo lied to the Agudah that he couldn't come to beis din until he finished "consulting with Rav Elyashev". He never even spoke to Rav Elyashev once.

Belsky was encouraging Margo to do all this & be a koifer, meyrim yad beToiras Moishe. One beis din was mazmin Margo together with Belsky and Belsky also was mesarev.

The Agudah found out that NY Magazine was going to do a front cover story that included Agudah covering up, but that the story could still be killed if Kolko was fired, so they had an emergency meeting with Margo. Zweibel got on his hands & knees begging Margo to get rid of Kolko. But the stubborn, arrogant Satmar chazir wouldn't budge on Kolko even then. When the story hit the press, that lowlife modern orthodox lawyer with the big clown mop of hair Avi Moskowitz told Margo he had better get Kolko out of the classroom or else he is in big legal trouble. So Margo finally sends Kolko home but he still pays Kolko to keep him quiet. Margo launders the money to Kolko through Yonason Tendler, first cousin of menuvol Mordechai Tendler.

Anonymous said...

A lady on a bill cant be too bad. After all how manh of these charedim had the chance to put a fremde lady in his pocket and sit on her face. I guess theres always a first.

Anonymous said...

There is a very special place in hell for Margo. He is not just any low life; He is a very very special low life. He has done many bad things including protecting this bastard Kolko. As far as Belsky is concerned, he too will have a special place, protecting not only Kolko, but his low life nephew in Fakewood too. As a Torah Vodaath grad, it appals me that he hasnt been tossed out on his hairy ass yet.

Agudah Fresser said...

Margo doesn't b'etzem give a rat's behind about Kolko. It's all about Margo & protecting the reputation of the "best yeshiva". There is a Satmar krank about insisting you are the best which is the same reason why the Glick brothers mafia who run Hisachdis Harabbunim tell people "mir zeinen dee besteh shgooche".

Compounding the problems at Torah Temima bekaifel kiflayim is that Margo is a megalomaniac. He is also just some fat baal habus who doesn't know how to learn.

And don't even get me started on Belsky. I hope that after the FBI turned his house upside down & carted away all kinds of evidence, they find something to nail him on

Riverdale said...

What else is new with this putz traitor Jack Lew after he backs Obama on Iran?

No doubt it makes him a hero at Avi Weiss's shul where he is a member.

Anonymous said...

doresh el hameisim ?????