Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Our national disgrace ....

Something happened last week that should shake the conscience of every decent human being. 

There was a major attack on the Jewish Nation. No, it wasn’t rocket attack from Gaza or Lebanon. But it hit directly at the heart of our people. It happened right here in our capital, Jerusalem. 

But the most egregious part of this sad story, is that the major media didn’t even report on the event.

Last week around 50 Jewish graves were desecrated on Har Hazeisim. Almost an entire section of this historic cemetery was vandalized by terrorists and not a peep from the media or any government authority. 

How can we allow such a terrible deed to pass without protest? 

If such an anti-semitic attack were to have occurred in any Jewish cemetery in the world, there would have been a major backlash. It would have made headlines in the national news, but here in our capital, in our largest and oldest national cemetery, there was only a deafening silence.

This is a shanda
This is a national disgrace! Where are all our great political and religious leaders screaming out in pain? Shaking the system? Where is our wonderful free press that is tasked with the responsibility to inform the public? How can we continue like this, allowing our ancestral cemetery to be disgraced? 
What would be the response of the media or the US leadership if there were an attack on Arlington National Cemetery? Silence? I’m sure not!
I throw out these rhetorical questions in order to try and wake up our national pride. We can no longer continue to ignore these disgraceful attacks on our people, and our heritage. Enough is enough! Please spread the word. Share the story. Write to your local media and ask them to report on this. Write to your political leadership and demand an explanation! Demand a response!
If we don’t respect our most sacred burial place, then we have truly fallen to a new low.

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