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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Toldos Aron Rebbe laughs at Satmar Fanatics and Speaks Ivrit at Lag Baomer Bonfire

At the hadlaka ceremony on Lag Baomer, the Toldos Aron Rebbe spoke in Ivrit, the "tumah language" of the Zionists.

Nope, he didn't speak in Loshon Hakodesh ... he spoke in the language that  the cursed Zionists speak!

He explained that he was speaking in Ivrit so that the Sfardim that were also gathered there, would understand! No one could explain how the holy Rebbe could speak Ivrit fluently!

According to Satmar fanatics, one who speaks Ivrit, cannot be counted in a minyan, and if he is a shoichet, it is prohibied from eating anything that he slaughtered! In addition, anyone who speaks Ivrit cannot be a witness to anything!

The Admor of Toldos Aron mocked and totally ignored the stupid idiotic Satmar "halachos"!

בהדלקה של ל"ג בעומר האדמו"ר מתולדות אהרן דיבר בעברית בשפה הטמאה רח"ל, לא חלילה בלשון הקודש שזו שפת הקודש אלא ב'עברית' שפתם של הציונים. הוא התנצל ואמר כי הוא מדבר בעברית מפני שנמצאים שם הרבה מאחינו בני עדות הספרדים והם אינם מבינים שפה אחרת

אבל השאלה הנשאלת היא, מי התיר לו זאת, על פי פסקי הקנאים עברית היא שפה חיצונית טמאה ואסורה, ומי שמדבר בלשון זו אסור לצרפו למנין ושחיטתו אסורה ועדותו פסולה, והאדמו"ר מתולדות אהרן כלל לא חשש לכל אלה

מתברר כי אצל הקנאים יש פרוטקציה, כשזה כדאי להם מותר לדבר בלשון הטמאה וכשרוצים לשחק קנאות אז זועקים כי עברית היא שפה טמאה ואסור


Sam Kay said...

The Importance of Hebrew ...

The Hebrew language is the language of our Prophets as well as our Profits ...
The founding fathers of The United States of America during the 1776
Revolution against the British were in a dilemma as to what language
to adopt. Why English when we are getting rid of King George? Maybe
Latin, Dutch, German, French or Spanish?
Some proposed Hebrew since they believed that this is the New Promised Land.
Some of them knew some Hebrew but not enough to make it a spoken language.
English became the language of America by default.
To introduce spoken Hebrew you need Jews that know Tnach & Mishnayos
as we see today.
The revival of the old language of Hebrew after 2,000 years is a
miracle in itself & totally unprecedented in the annals of history.
Old Greek, French & Gaelic are long gone.
Hebrew is back in full force & vigor.

Anonymous said...

The early immigrants, Pilgrims , Puritans gave themselves Hebrew names. Jacob, Isaac, Zebulon, Ezekiel, Simon, Levi,Moses, Elijah, Joshua, Caleb,Amos,Benjamin,Abraham,Sarah, Hannah, Rebecca, Rachel,Abigail,Mary(Miriam),Eve,Deborah,Leah.