Thursday, July 9, 2015

Satmar will now be able to do what Israel cannot: Annex land

Satmar won this battle and I actually applaud them, if they need space they should be able to expand....
but why when it comes to Israel do the "Court" Rebbe Brothers ramble and rant at the Shalish Seeeeeeeedeh Toirelech against the "territories" and side with the Palestinians and scream when the Israelis need to do the exact same thing??

 The Zohar said that the Meraglim,  were into power, and they believed if Klall Yisroel entered Eretz Yisroel, they would lose their prestigious positions in Chult Le' they bad mouthed the land that Hashem gifted to them...
the Satmar "Court" Brothers, the ones that are fighting each other in secular courts, both agree that they would lose their billions, and their positions should they be chased out of America,..... so they hock and hock and hock against the Zionists, hoping that Moshiach will not come so fast.... because they cannot deal with all the repercussions that will come with Mashiach!


NY Governor Andrew Cuomo has just vetoed Assembly Bills A07629 and A07639. These bills were specifically designed to stunt the natural growth of Kiryas Joel, the large Chasidic community within the town of Monroe in Orange County.

The Governor had until midnight to sign or veto legislation that would give Orange County a vital say in the contentious land annexation proposal involving the Village of Kiryas Joel and the Town of Monroe.
The legislation first proposed by Assembly James Skoufis would have given county planning departments more of a say in these types of land annexation deals.

The bill cleared the Assembly and Senate before the end of session.

Right now, Kiryas Joel is overseeing the annexation process as the lead agency.
They stand to more than double in size if the deal goes through, and would receive over 500 acres of land from the Town of Monroe.
They say they need it to build housing for their growing community.
Many people who live in the town have voiced concerns about quality of life if the annexation goes through.

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