Sunday, July 5, 2015

Bracha Illulian Tevel harrassing her husband's victims!

Mendel Tevel
From Meyer Seewald of Jewish Community Watch 

I just got off the phone with the mother of the victim who testified against Mendel Tevel. She said that while walking down Kingston Avenue, in crown heights she was approached by Mendel Tevel’s wife Bracha Illulian , who started shouting at her. (Unfortunately this is not the first time)

Bracha Illulian was with her daughter and said to her “Look, look! This is the reason you do not have a father. She is the one who gives you nightmares at night”. She then proceeded to yell at the top of her lungs “You stole my husband! You’re a Shoteh!” You are stupid, and everywhere I go I will let people know what you did to my family!”

I am sure that Bracha Illulian is going through her own personal hell right now, yet this does not grant her the right to put others through hell, ESPECIALLY those who’ve already been there at the hands of her husband.

Bracha Illulian knew whom she was marrying since day 1. I had called her up a few weeks after she first started dating Mendel, and informed her of his atrocities, and she and her family chose to continue despite this knowledge. This is not new information to them.

With this in mind, how can Bracha Illulian so brazenly attack this victim’s mother? How can she laugh the victim while he gave his impact statement describing his flashbacks of the abuse during intimacy with his spouse?

Enough is enough.

Bracha Illulian , any time you or your family attack, intimidate or harass the victim or his family, I will let the public know. I will encourage fellow survivors and those who stand with us to contact you and let you know that we will not stand for this.

As a follower of the Rebbe, I urge you to follow in his path in the pursuit honesty and justice. I and many others genuinely empathize with your plight and I know it can’t be easy. We know you’re hurting. But stop hurting others.

I am asking all my friends and all of Jewish Community Watch’s supporters to share this post and let the Bracha Illulian and the world know that we are standing together and won’t tolerate attacks on victims or their families. One ordeal is hell enough, so there’s no need for another.

I am also asking that you message Bracha Illulian directly and let her know that her actions are unacceptable and that we are sticking together. Ask her to stop harassing victims of child sexual abuse.

Silence in the face of evil is evil itself - Dietrich Bonhoeffer

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Anonymous said...

i worked for the illulian family, she is under the spell of her father! believe hertzel illulian is a child abuser himself, hes sick and convinced her to go through the marriage knowing the new son in law is a child abuser

they are a sick family