Thursday, July 9, 2015

Hisachdas Ha'Ganuvim Bus Rules: "All women must sit in back of the bus" "Man and wife cannot sit together"

And so my dear readers, now we know why Moshiach is taking his time, because the men are sitting next to their wives on the bus!

Now the Zhlub who has 11 children and doesn't have the time to really talk to his wife because of "daagas parnoooooseh" won't even be able to steal a couple of minutes talking to her on the bus!

Hisachdus Ha'rabbonim of the USA & Canada

Rules regarding the order of sitting on the "Excellent Buses" to the Catskill Mountains!

A) All men must sit on the right side of the bus and the ladies on the left with a Mechitzah in the middle.

B) Every bus must have a Mechitzah through the length of the entire bus till the last row.

C) If the Mechitza starts for some reason from the 3rd row, then only  men can sit on both sides for first two rows. 

D)  The Mechitzah must be strong enough so that it cannot be easily moved

E) If for some reason there isn't any Mechitzeh on the bus, then the men must sit in the front of the bus and the ladies in back of the bus!

F) A man and his wife are prohibited from sitting next to each other. The man must sit with the men, and the Lady with the women.

We thank the owner of Excellent Buses, Mr. Yisroel Yaakov Gelb and his family, and his hired drivers for their cooperation in the above mentioned rules....


Anonymous said...

These Taakoones are from 9 (nine) years ago. Today, it is illegal especially since they receive funds (money) from the government (Malchiss shel Chaised).

Dusiznies said...

The Taakoones may very well be from 9 years ago, but it was printed in this week's Der Yid

Romanisher Ferd said...

The guy with 20 kids has another takunna that he must wear a gartel before sitting down to molest the bucherim on the men's side of the bus

Anonymous said...

Baruch Hashem the "Hisachdus Ha'rabbonim of the USA & Canada" is one group of phonies that I will ignore. Just a bunch of ignorant men with beards.
I like the way they write "We than the owner....". I doubt the owner had much of a choice in the matter.