Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Over 100 girls not accepted in School in Elad because the father works

The Chareidie world is getting sicker from day to day .... 
not accepting children that want to learn Torah because the father works! How sick and demented are they?
The way to end this craziness is for Americans to stop giving a penny to any Chareidie Moisad until all girls are placed! 

Many who remained silent while chareidi schools discriminated against Sephardi girls are now finding themselves in the discrimination boat in Elad, as some 100 girls, all from chareidi families, find themselves without a school for 5776 because their parents work.

There are basically two seminaries in Elad, 
Zluznik and Ladaas Chachma, 
and today, with about a month to the start of the new school year, over 100 girls have not been accepted, representing 50% of the girls tested to enter the school. 

 Adding to the absurdity of the situation is the fact that all of the girls rejected are graduates of the Beis Yaakov in the city as they are no less frum than the girls accepted to the schools but their parents work.

Parents are already reporting their daughters are home crying without an idea what to do in another four weeks. 

Parents explain “Their crime is that they completed 8th grade and wish to enter a new school for 9th grade and someone decided the transition from one number to another must be accompanied with pain and suffering”.

Some parents have decided to not just sit home and play victim. They have turned to attorney Rami Fergan to take their case on behalf of all of these girls. Attorney Fergen explains dozens of parents have approached him to take the case. Fergen explains that in the coming days he will contact Elad City Hall and the Ministry of Education and if the problem is not resolved on this level, he will not hesitate to take the case to the courts.

Parents are hoping that Meir Shimoni, the Ministry of Education district supervisor, will do the correct thing and end this injustice. Parents hope ministry officials cut off funding to both schools if that is what it takes to open the doors to their daughters.

Elad City Hall responded to the report stating “The city schools must follow the regulations set forth by the mayor last year. This will be the case this coming year as well and every student will be enrolled in an appropriate school”.

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