Monday, July 6, 2015

Rav Berland vanishes!

He's a cat that has  9 lives...
The Israelis want him for abusing and molesting women that came to him for help!

Sounds familiar?

On Erev Shabbos 16 Tammuz is was reported that Rabbi Eliezer Berland was hospitalized in Holland. 

However it has since been learned that when chassidim wished to inquire into the well-being of the rav, he was nowhere to be found, leading to the question where he is at present.

Last week the Supreme Court in Holland rejected the rabbi’s appeal and ruled that he should be handed over to Israel Police, honoring an Israeli extradition request. 

While no one is saying with absolute certainty what is going on, it is believed Berland managed to flee Holland to a country that does not have an extradition treaty with Israel.

Chassidim who met with Berland in recent days report that Berland instructed them to return to Israel, adding “these are my last days in Holland”, leading to the belief that Berland is on the run once again. 

Rabbi Dror Tzanani, a member of Berland's inner circle, told chassidim that to the best of his knowledge Rabbi Berland left Holland for a place that will not hand him over to Israel. 

Hundreds of the Berland's chassidim are in Holland and it is to be determined if they will now return to Israel. According to reports from the Shuvu Banim community, some are returning home while others are waiting in Holland.

It is pointed out that this is all speculation and the only thing that is known is that Rabbi Berland has vanished following the High Court ruling against him. 

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