Thursday, July 16, 2015

Wendy Sherman the behind the scene US negotiator on Iran Nuclear talks is the same idiot that negotiated the North Korea Nuclear talks

I have a secret to all those naive stupid Jews that are posting support for the Iranian Nuclear Deal on the blogs and on facebook, ....... 

One only has to know who the negotiator is, to know if this is a good or a bad deal!

The Chief US negotiator for this deal was not John "liar" Kerry.... nope .... Kerry was only the face ... that Obama used to fool the Jews and the world  .... 
the Chief US negotiator was the "yenta" Wendy Sherman! 

For those who remember, ..... Wendy Sherman was the chief US negotiator, under the Clinton Administration, for the North Korea nuclear weapon and ballistic missile programs, that has now been declared a disaster even by the leftist media.

So who is this insane women, that would put the world at risk of a nuclear holocaust? you ask?

What are her credentials in negotiating complex deals? You ask?

She is now the Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs...

Oh.... Ok .....

Again.... what was her experience in negotiating complex deals with foreign governments? You ask?

What does she know about Nuclear Programs? 

So, DIN, for heavens sake .... tell us already ..... I can't take the suspense?

Ok, here goes, but first take a seat and put your drink on a steady table....

If you, G-d forbid, have a heart condition ... don't read any further!
She was a social worker! ?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She was also the director of a far left feminist group that is now in the business of selling body parts of unborn fetus', called ....EMILY'S LIST!

She then became....... listen carefully, and read this very slowly .... ........ Special Advisor to the President and Secretary of State and North Korea Policy Coordinator under the Clinton Presidency.

No experience in political affairs. No experience in negotiations with foreign regimes friendly or hostile. No experience or prior knowledge in Nuclear or Ballistic Programs...

But, and this is a big "butt,"...... she was  the chief negotiator with the blood thirsty Iranians ....a deal that puts the entire world in jeopardy!

Oh ... did I mention that this witch is Jewish? 
Ok.... I won' t mention it!

read on:
The Pentagon says that North Korea likely has a nuclear weapon that can be mounted on a missile. Hats off to Wendy Sherman, architect of the 1999 nuclear deal with North Korea that was supposed to prevent this sort of thing. 

In return for hundreds of millions of dollars of food and oil at a time a million or more people were starving to death under the North Korean regime, the United States received meaningless concessions that did little or nothing to stop North Korea’s nuclear program. 
That deal was described by former Secretary of State James Baker as “appeasement.”

"The only positive thing that could be said about the latest agreement is that it will probably avert a short-term crisis. But at what price? It will make the United States even more reluctant to adopt a more muscular approach toward Korea and thus could actually increase the risk of war on the Korean Peninsula. And the North Koreans may well conclude that their bad behavior will continue to be rewarded."

And so they did and so it was.

For her part, Ms. Sherman displayed a disturbing tendency to gush about Kim Jong-il, the North Korean dictator with whom she negotiated.

Now what is she saying about the laughing, Zarif?

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