Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Boyan Prohibits MP3 Players?

The Rebbe said that he prohibits MP3's because of "Bittul Torah"
I don't get it ..... are we going to prohibit a kid from enjoying some music because of "bittul torah?"
Wern't the Leveeeim in the Bais Hamikdah playing instruments? ...  Wasn't that "bittul torah?"

Why are we making our children crazy? 
Why is a leader of thousands making these sick rules?
What has happened to us?
Why don't a bunch of guys go the Rebbe and tell him "ad kan oimrem b'shabbos Ha'gooodel" 
"That's it .....  Rebbe your job is to learn and clap by Lechooo Dodie and lead by example ...and let us raise our children how we were raised!

Short Bio of The Rabbi 
Following Rabbi Mordechai Shlomo's death on 2 March 1971, the Boyaner Hasidim were left leaderless. The Hasidim approached the Rebbe's eldest son, Yisrael, to take over as Rebbe, but he declined. 

The Hasidim then asked the Rebbe's daughter Malka and her husband, Rabbi Dr. Menachem Mendel Brayer, a teacher at Yeshiva University, to offer one of their two young sons to be groomed for the position. 

The elder, Yigal, an aerospace engineer, was suggested and then rejected. T

The lot fell to the younger son, Nachum Dov (born 1959), who then enrolled at the Ruzhiner yeshiva in Jerusalem to prepare himself for the task. On Hanukkah 1984, 
Rabbi Nachum Dov Brayer was coronated Boyaner Rebbe. The Hasidut is now based in Jerusalem, Israel, where the Rebbe resides.

Notices were distributed this year in shuls belonging to the Boyaner chassidus and the yeshiva in Yerushalayim and Betar Illit in the rebbe’s name prohibiting the MP3 players for bochrim, primarily because of bitul zman. 

The notices explain one may listen to appropriate content on a MP3 owned by one’s parents but only via external speakers at home, and not via headphones.

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as I said on failed messiah - WHO GIVES A SHIT?