Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Jon Stewart, Obama's Jewish Kapo Visited White House in Secret

Kapo? Did you say Kapo? 

Yes, my friends, Stewart Leibowitz who now calls himself Jon Stewart is Obama's Kapo to beat the Jews!

Kapos were not necessarily used exclusively by the Nazis to physically beat Jews, Nazis used Jewish comedians to serenade and tell jokes to teenagers doomed to the ovens by the German murderers!
Obama as a student of history, learned that it would be a great idea to quiet Jewish opposition to the Iran disastrous deal by using a self-hating Jew to mock and make "choizik" of the Iran deal opposition!

President Obama summoned Jon Stewart to the White House at least twice for secret meetings, Politico reported Tuesday.

 Both meetings came before key moments: 
the first during the 2011 budget fight, 
the second during Russia’s 2014 intervention in Ukraine. 

Obama did not merely lobby Stewart, but occasionally it seems he changed policies after The Daily Show host spoke out. 

In 2009, the administration proposed removing veterans with private insurance from Veterans Affairs rolls. “That can’t be right,” Stewart said on air. A day later, the proposal was dead. 

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