Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Iran is a threat to the US & Israel, and Senator Schumer is busy with "long trucks on the highway"?

He is a Jew and represents the second largest Jewish population in the world. Iran is threatening to wipe Israel off the map, and what does this "yolt" do? 

Nothing .... Nada! He has no time for his fellow Jews, he  is busy fighting legislation that would allow large trucks on US highways.

So who voted him in to "represent" us? 
Yes.... you guessed it ... 
the "Heimishe" Gedoilim... who don't care about the USA and don't care about Israel! 
All they care about is how many $$$$ Schumer can bring into the "Heiligeh" Mosdos!

So now that Obama is on a slippery slope to destroy the USA and Israel, Schumer who should be screaming from the Capital rooftop has suddenly lost his voice!

Someone should tell Schumer what Mordechai told Esther:
"For if you persist in keeping silent at a time like this, relief and deliverance will come to the Jews from some other place, while you and your father's house will perish. And who knows whether it was just for such a time as this that you attained the royal position." (Esther 3, 14)

U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer says he’ll fight legislation that would allow longer trailer trucks on the nation’s highways. 
The Democrat said Wednesday that a provision in a Senate transportation bill would authorize twin 33-foot trailers. Current rules allow for trucks to pull two trailers that are each 28 feet long.

Schumer says that when the length of the cab is factored in,the longer trucks could stretch to 84 feet. He says trucks the size of an eight-story building have no place on highways because they would present a “tremendous” safety risk and place too much weight on bridges and roads.Shipping companies support the larger trucks, saying they would allow them to move goods more efficiently around the country.


Anonymous said...

If the deal is a danger or not, it's surly obvious it's mishomayim LEV MELACHIM BEYAD HASHEM, but you subhuman and your disgusting throw ups are much more dangerous to KY, when we say VELAMALSHINIM it does NOT mean the Americans or the Iranians, it means the Zionistic atheists and all who believe in them you included

Anonymous said...

You can't really blame Schumer,after all he is just following orders from the HEAD Jewish KAPO of this generation, "Aron Teitelbaum" yemach shemo.This piece of filth,this piece of human garbage had the audacity and CHUTZPA,and instructed his mayor of Kyrjas Joel,to write letters to all the congressmen and senators of NY state,and asked them to boycott Bibi's speech in front of congress
RABBOISAI,GEVALD,GEVALD,how much RISHAS how much evil,here we have almost seven million of our Jewish brothers and sisters living in a small little island called ERETZ YISROEL,sorounded by hundreds of millions of murderous blood thirsty Arabs,who proclaim day and night
that their ultimate aim is the destruction and eradication of the Jewish state,and on top of that we have this criminal ISLAMO-NAZI regime of Iran working feverishly day and night to produce nuclear weapons,and who openly declare that their number one aim is the destruction and annihilation of the seven million Jews in Eretz Yisroel,therefore the Prime Minister upon the invitation of congress
came pleading and begging the U.S and the world at large,to spare the lives of his people and not let this monstrous regime develop the weapons of mass destruction to be used against the seven million Jews in Israel.
Now here comes this filthy traitorous Jew hating kapo swine "Aron Teitelbaum"and sends letters to all his congressmen and senators to instruct them not to attend or listen to the Prime ministers pleading for the lives of our brothers and sisters in Eretz Yisroel.
is there no limit to the RISHAS and criminality of these Romanian gypsy jew hating gangsters of Satmar?

Anonymous said...

When you're borrowing a phrase that I wrote in response to your insane doodling a while back, at least use it correctly.
Lev melochim doesn't preclude hishtadlus against an evil melech, otherwise why the whole Purim story and balagan.... Fasting... tfillot, Esther's hishtadlut... Mordechai's back & forth... They just should've quoted the phrase and call it a day.
Hishtadlus, as everybody knows, always was THEEE option starting from Avrohom Aveinu vs. Pharoah & Avimelech , through the thousands of years.
Just as the 400 rabbonim who marched to the White House during WWII, to meet Roosevelt... Just as your heroes condemned the so-called apathy among some Jews and urged them to do hishtadlus to help save from an evil ruler.... They too knew about Yad Melochim....

So your quak-ery is basically dumb...
Next time you say Refueinu, think about yourself.

"....are much more dangerous to KY..." Oh, you mean maybe Kiryas Yoel ????


Anonymous said...


J Street, Haaretz, B'tzelem, New Israel Fund, Leftist professors, and last but certainly not least.... NeTUMEI Karters.

"..Zionistic atheists..." as opposed to anti-Zionist atheists, minim, sonei Yisroel, and kofrim.

The Heen & the Hoon..... Clock punching, kesubah abiding, working zhlubbs who always say the Mi Shebeyrach for Tzahal. We're the anti-mindless zombie pappegei plappling robots ,duo .