Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Ami defends its Editorial Condemning those who protest the Gay Marriage Law of The Supreme Court

Letter courtesy of the Nuchem Rosenberg blog
Franfurter's answer to an email asking why Ami condemns those who oppose  and protest the Supreme Court Decision vis vis Gay Marriage!
Ami Email"The Supreme Court's ruling is not appealable and is the law of the land"

DIN:That's true and it's not true..... legislators can introduce new laws to circumvent the Gay Marriage laws once these Justices die off ... and  get normal thinking justices who have values and morals  ....

Ami E mail: " Protests are futile, and to try to ferment a revolution even if one was to do so is not only a crime but is one of the harshest of sins and something which G-d has forsworn us from doing when we went off to exile.

DIN: So why do you support the anti-Israel protests that the Satmar Hooligans do in lower Manhattan? Didn't "G-d  forsworn us from doing when we went off to exile?"
Why is it ok for Satmar to annex land in Golus and to protest when they hell they want, but it's not ok for a Jew to stand up for Torah even if it is a futile attempt...
aren't Jews supposed to spread Torah Values in the World?
 Didn't the Ari Hakodash quoting the Zohar say that, that is precisely why we are in Golus to spread light among the goyim?
Why does Ami have a double standard?
Why when Satmar protests, is Ami in the forefront of supporting them !
This Frankfurter keeps licking the lower orifices of the Satmar Gypsies even though Satmar keeps throwing his anti-Israel rag under the bus? Just last week in a letter to the Editor to Der Blatt a reader blasted Ami for some stupid idiotic reason!
But the Frank the Dunce, still slobbers over the uncivilized gypsies!

Ami E mail: "Harshest  of sins?" 

DIN:  Is telling the world that "gay marriage" is not ok with the Torah, a worse sin than raping innocent teenage girls?

It seems so,because the CLOWN FRANKFURTER supported the teenage rapist, Weberman! He, in fact, dedicated a whole issue to that effect.
I guess its a bigger "sin" for a lone rabbi to protest the Supreme Court than for Weberman to destroy countless lives!

How about supporting and protesting the Iran Deal, which is a direct threat to 6 1/2 million Jews in Israel .... is that a sin at all?
or is the sin of a lone rabbi protesting the Supreme Court a larger sin than standing in Times Square and SUPPORTING the Iran deal, like the cursed Neturei Karta did, holding Iranian flags ... 
By the way,  Neturei Karta is a group that is  supported by Satmar funds?

How about the march of 400 Rabbis on October 6,1943 in support of American and Allied action to stop the destruction of European Jewry, in Washington D.C. .... why didn't they just sit home and be ready to "suffer all the consequences?" 

Ami E mail: "We must suffer the consequences of the law of the land and be ready to suffer all the consequences including our well-being not to transgress even a single halacha"

DIN: ok ..... how about the law "of the land"that one is supposed to learn English, writing, reading, and math? Do you think we can suffer the "consequences" on that?


Truman Capota said...

Yitzy Frankfurter's father owned the Park Avenue Fashions store for suits and kapotas in the heart of Boro Park for 50 years, so the family knows all about massaging egos which Yitzy applies to Satmar but he doesn't seem to catch on yet that he has managed to achieve a rare achievement of angering just about every audience of chassidish, yeshivish and modern orthodox readers in the last year. Although Ami along with Mishpacha have driven Yiddishe Vort and Jewish Observer out of business and Ami was actually sold out every week in Monsey for instance, those days are over. Today in Monsey there are none sold at the now shuttered Newday and Evergreen & Monsey Glatt have leftover copies for the first time. Frankfurter halt zich an "intellectual", or at least he likes to think he is a Brisker-Chassidisher "filosof" who is also a "great" writer.

Also in the last month a number of Lakewood stores have stopped selling Ami altogether.

Anonymous said...

Belsky's cousin Nechemya Weberman raped girls who were younger than teenagers too. The most well known victim I think was 12 when he started.

Romanisher Ferd said...

Since Frankfurter takes his marching orders from Munkacz, this may be another 'strategy' of the Rebbe aka the former shortstop on the Telzer baseball team, since toyeveh accomodations need to be made for many pedophiles.

Anonymous said...

This criminally insane Israel hating ROTTEN FRANKFURTER needs to be put out of busines,
We should all start to boycot any business that advertises in that Jew hating RAG

Brisker said...

Frankfurter is an embarrassment who pretty much everyone can agree is bad news. R' Dovid Soloveitchik has disowned bochurim & former bochurim and would surely do the same with him if he read some of this Ami garbage.

Boor-o Park said...

Nuchem just posted a dig at Satmar that Der Blatt are showing a picture of the child rapist Burich Lebovits.

Does anyone know where this is and which Mechele is being referred to?

Praktish said...

To save time over this mouthful of a loser Frankfurter, why not just call him Weenie for short?

Nuch dem tzee ess passt

Clorox Kamikaze alert said...

I think Park Ave might have been the Boro Park gesheft that sent / sends the leftover shmattas at the end of each season to sell on racks plopped down on the sidewalk in Willy. Even as recently as 5 years ago I have knowledge of this. Maybe if Meilech Schnitzler inflicted some collateral damage bleach stains on their sechoyra, Frankfurter might not have such a charitable view of molesters.

Anthony Weiner / Carlos Danger / Fully Erect said...


Hey, that's one of my nicknames! Let Frankfurter get his own!

Harav Hagadol said...

Guys, keep the discussion going on!!!! pass on the word, until the Ami is driven out of town!!

Monsey said...

Speaking of the Munkatcher, one of the many pedophiles he is protecting is an old thieving & molesting modernized Munkatcher who, unfortunately, Mengele selected for work detail. He is infamous from both Monsey & the kvutzas ganovim in Flatbush, Frankel's shul. Another hint who he is: he was put in cherem by a beis din for sending the Sheriff to throw an old lady out of the house in Monsey she lived in for ages. The one time police investigated him he ran & hid in Florida until things cooled off. UOJ tried to nail the old bastard put the victims are all too scared to go on the record.

Punim Buch said...

"pass on the word, until the Ami is driven out of town!!"


Blown away by the AZUS said...

Can you believe this brazen putz Frankfurter telling the reader in the email that "protest is futile"???

Does he think he is the KGB?

Or does he have one of those secret Boro Park TVs and he is watching Star Trek reruns where some miserable alien used those words when threatening Captain Kirk he is going to blow the USS Enterprise to smithereens?

Spock said...

Simply put, Frankfurter is most illogical.

Anonymous said...

interesting comments, all written by the same angry guy, maybe you din? because they all sound like you.

actually ami published the same reasoning in its last issue. so I'm not sure why you had to post that email.

ami is huge in monsey where I live. they just doubled its distribution there. I think the reason is because all the bloggers

Barry E. said...

If Frankfurter was a real Brisker, he would encourage the protests as the Briskers pay homage to the refrain, "אז עס טוט וויי, שרייט מען.

Anonymous said...

Who is 5:50 am kidding?

I saw plenty of unsold Ami copies this week in 3 Monsey supermarkets.

Chochom fun der Ma Nishtana said...

5:50 am was probably the magazine sales rep