Wednesday, July 29, 2015

MK's Call to 'Bulldoze the Supreme Court' Raise Knesset Ire

Motti Yogev

It is my humble opinion, and I may be wrong, but I think that the Justices of the Israeli Supreme Court are from Satmar background!

This court tries to dismantle the State brick by brick, just like the Satmar Rebbes  ....there is absolutely no difference with the leftist Justices and the decisions made by the Satmar Rebbelich!
They are both against The State, they are both against building in the State, They are both pro-gay candidates....
What's the difference?

Satmar Shalosh Seedish rebbes

MK Motti Yogev finally said what everyone thinks!

MKs from both the government and opposition have lined up to slam Jewish Home lawmaker Motti Yogev, for comments he made earlier Wednesday calling for the Israeli Supreme Court building to be bulldozed.

Yogev was responding to the demolition this morning of two residential buildings in the Jewish town of Bet El in Samaria, north of Jerusalem, in what activists and local community leaders say was a needless, ideologically-driven order by the Supreme Court.

"Despite the valid zoning plan and the construction permit, the High Court ruled unjustly, in a way befitting charlatans,” an angry Yogev fired.

"A D9 [bulldozer] shovel should be used against the High Court,” he added, in a statement bound to arouse howls of anger in the Left. “We, as a legislative system, will make sure to rein in the legalistic rule in this country, and the tail that wags the dog.”

Jewish Home party leader Naftali Bennett sought to distance himself from the remarks, telling Israel Radio Yogev should not have made the remark, and saying he had reprimanded the MK in a private conversation.

Bezalel Smotrich

Jewish Home MK Bezalel Smotrich was indignant Wednesday after the High Court ordered the demolition of the Draynoff homes in Beit El, even though their zoning plan had already been approved. The homes were demolished soon afterward.

Smotrich said that he sees the decision as “delusional” and called it “another nail in the burial coffin of an arrogant Supreme Court that does not know its place. 

Woe to the court that has such judges/destroyers,” he added.

"The president of the Supreme Court insists on forcibly tearing the thin thread between the court and the political system and forcing the Knesset to place the court in its proper place through legislation,” he warned.

Before the demolition, Smotrich called on the prime minister not to carry out the order, which he said was illegal.

"A democratic state cannot accept a situation in which the prime ministerand the entire political system seeks to advance a certain policy, which is 100% within its authority, and the court prevents it from doing so because of considerations of honor, ego or control. 

This verdict has nothing to do with justice and law. Once the structures have been approved, there is no legal problem in not destroying them.”

Smotrich predicted that the day will be remembered as one on which “a healthy process began, of bringing back the power to the nation and its elected officials and of freeing the state from the radical dictatorship of the High Court.”

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