Sunday, July 5, 2015

Satmar gangsters in Monroe spray Chabad guys with paint

Satmar, of course, thinks that Monroe is Romania, and that they have exclusive rights to Monroe. 

So when a bunch of Lubavitcher boys were selling Chabad seforim in Kiryas Yoel, Satmar barbarians sprayed them with paint.  

Monroe, is golus and in golus there are no exclusive enclaves contrary to what the Satmar gypsies tell you!

Monroe and Kiryas Yoel belong to the goyim even if the majority in Kiryas Yoel are Satmar...

What is really interesting is that these same Satmar bullies, when they find themselves in Timbaktoo, look for a Chabad house! So they can invade Lubavitch, but in the Satmar "world" logic, Lubavitch has no right to go to Monroe.... sick puppies!

I remember well when  Satmar savages tortured the Kloizenberger Rebbe four score 3 years ago,, and he had to, nebech,flee to Union City, New Jersey..
The Rebbe , Rav Yoel Teitelbaum didn't say boo!

Let's see if the Satmar Brothers that are fighting in secular court will condemn this disgusting act!

Here is the guy that allegedly threw the paint:


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Anonymous said...

One who is a mazik loses his chelek in the worlld to come even if it was done lshem shamayim and even if his last name is teitlebaum or moshe rabaynu

Unknown said...

Animals are not the worth.

פלוני אלמוני said...

How dare you write against Rebbe Yoel of Satmer! You know better than that!

Anonymous said...

Hey Nachman, Considering the behavior of the chasidim Yoilish left behind, I'd think he messed up somewhere really bad. AFter all, he was WRONG about Eretz Yisroel too. yes, WRONG. WRONG!!!!

Rashi said...

Satmar = Goyim. What else would one expect from a bunch of Goyim from Hungary? They have a history of anti-Semitism and not much has changed.

Romanisher Ferd said...

I hate to give fodder to the Yoelys about Mercaz Harav chevra, but here is a sicko rapist under arrest who was rosh yeshiva of Rav Kook shnit yeshiva in Kiryat Shmona:

Ezra Sheinberg