Thursday, July 2, 2015

"Brave" Flag Burners run like dogs when confronted by Bikers!

Bikers making sure flag is standing 
Why are Jews always involved with anarchy?
Amanda Meltzer, a Jewish Yente with screwed up values, probably brought up in a house of luxury said this about the US Flag!
 " It represents genocide, imperialism, and oppression!"
Really? Do you even know how to spell "genocide, imperialism and oppression?"

Her group is named "Disarm NYPD"?
Disarm NYPD? Amanda? Who are you  going to run to, when you get raped? You crazy broad!

A protest at Brooklyn’s Fort Greene Park Wednesday night exploded into a heated confrontation between rival demonstrators over the burning of an American flag.

Anti-racism and police brutality protesters organized by a group called Disarm NYPD were chased from the park by a group of angry pro-flag supporters after burning a Confederate battle flag and an American flag in the middle of the park.

Witnesses say a pro-flag demonstrator snatched the burning American flag before others chased the anti-flaggers away.

"My nephew is graduating from the Marines in two weeks," said flag supporter Diane Atkins of Bay Ridge. "I'll be damned if somebody burns the flag!"

The flag flak began earlier in the week when Disarm NYPD members announced their plans to burn the flag on Facebook.
The objective was to call attention to police brutality and institutional racism in the wake of the Charleston, S.C. Emanuel AME Church massacre.

Word of the protest spread quickly on social media and on the day of the event, shortly before the protest was scheduled to begin, more than 100 pro flag supporters showed up from across the city, including a group of bikers from the Hallowed Sons of New York motorcycle club.

"I'm here to make sure there's a flag still standing at the end of the day,” said Mark Brummitt, 32, a retired Army vet of 13 years who came to the event with his 29-year-old fiancée Alicia Morante. "All throughout history it's been the last flag on the battlefield that was still standing. Tonight we're going to make sure there's a flag standing."

Once the flag burners saw the crowd waiting for them at their originally planned location, they moved their demonstration to the center of the park.

I feared for the safety of my friends,” one of the flag burners said, declining to give his name. "I work too, so I'm not trying to get fired or nothing. My boss watches the news."

The event went on as planned. First, the demonstrators set the Confederate battle flag ablaze. As they started to burn the American flag, the pro-flag supporters stormed up a hill, running to confront the flag burners, most of whom ran away.

The charred remains of the flags lay scattered on the concrete beneath the Prison Ship Martyrs Monument in the middle of the park.

After the flag burners fled, Long Island flag supporter Lawrence Winberry stood on a mound and declared victory.
"They ran away!” he screamed. “We won! U-S-A! U-S-A!"

The still-angry mob met back at the monument where they argued with the remaining flag burners about what they had done.

Anti-flagger Amanda Meltzer, 24, of Brooklyn, found herself in a shouting match surrounded by pro-flag protesters yelling expletives at her.

Don't f--- with my flag!" shouted one man wearing a military veterans baseball cap. "My brothers are buried under this flag! It doesn't matter what it means to you! If you got a problem with this flag, get the f--- out!"

Amanda appeared to lose her composure and walked away from the crowd.

"They're like an angry mob!" she said emotionally. "They're not critically thinking about what that flag represents! It represents genocide, imperialism, and oppression!"

Winberry and other pro-flaggers ended their display by singing “America the Beautiful” at the base of the monument. When asked whether he thinks the flag supporters had generally violated the anti-flaggers right to free speech, he replied, “You have a point.

“I wasn't coming out here to chase anybody,” he added. “I guess we got caught up in the moment. They have a right to burn the flag, but I have a right to say I don't like it.”

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