Sunday, July 12, 2015

Neturei Karta makes the prophecy of the Zohar Hakodesh come alive

Neturei Karta Animals 
This took place this Shabbos Parshas Pinchos! 
Oh! .... You want to know where?
In Germany! ...... Yup ... you heard it here first!
See Jews dressed in hats made from skunk tails marching with murderers of Jews in the country that facilitated the murder of 6 million Jews!

But there is good news ..... what? Did you just say "Good News?"
Yes ... very good news, because the Zohar Hakodosh prophesied this event over a thousand years ago ...

I actually first heard about this Zohar from the Satmar Rebbe himself in a Shalosh Seeeeeedah toireleh in 1967 on a tape!

But the "Holy Rebbe" who  cursed other religious Rabbonim that didn't agree with his fanatical unrealistic and irrelevant SHIT"ah said that the Zohar is talking about the IDF! And he says that the IDF is the"eirav rav!"  These narishkeiten were uttered by a leader of thousands!
 Unbelievable! You can't make this stuff up!

So let's learn the Zohar ....thru the words of the "Holy Rebbe" himself!
Loose Translation:
"The last time I already spoke what the Zohar Hakodash wrote, that the eirav rav,will join the foreign nations to go to war. 
By the great war of Gog and MaGog, the Jewish heretics will join the foreign nations to war against Moshiach.
I wrote (in Al Hagila siman 61) that a great person wondered, (Kashoier Rav, R' Shol Brach)"how could it be that Jews will actually war against Moshiach? Well, the Zohar  in Parshas Shmois (page 7) itemizes all the Gentile Kings that will join together to war against the King Moshiach by the war of Gog and MaGog, and the Jewish Heritics will join them in war"

I looked it up, and the Rebbe is 100% correct, the Zohar actually says that Jewish Heretics will join the Foreign Nations (Which includes Iran, Iraq etc.) in war against Moshiach! Yup, the Zohar says it!

And, yes, absolutely, the Zohar's prophecy is coming to fruition in our lifetime!

But what does the Zohar mean by "Jewish heretics?"

Anybody reading the news today knows who they are!
My readers know who they are!

Let's see ......ummmm?

So, which Jews do we see at the Palestinian Protests siding with the Arab murderers, in Washington DC, New York City, Germany, London etc,?

Which Jews go out of their way to meet with the Iranian anti-Semitic Leaders and tell them they are joining Iran's war against Israel? Hmmmmmm!?

The Jews that are joining the "foreign nation to fight Moshiach" now while I'm typing these Holy Words, are the  Satmar Savages! 

And that's who the Zohar is talking about!

I know that you're screaming at the screen ....
" Nooo Nooo, No!" "Nein" .... "Nisht" ... "Nada" "Nem" "LO"

"it's the Neturei Karta ..... the Neturei Karta..... "

Well, to that, I say ..... it's Satmar! .... it's Satmar!
The Neturei Karta are only doing the dirty work of Satmar!
They are the fall guys!  

Satmar uses them so they can say, "the Rebbe said that the Neturei Karta is not his Shita!" 
"Our Shita is bringing chicken soup to the hospitals" 


Pick up a Satmar newspaper, be it Der Yid (Zalonie propaganda rag) or Der Blatt (Aronie propagenda rag) Dee Zeitung (a switch hitter), any week you want, and you will see that the Shita of Satmar and the Shita of Neturei Karta are identical! 
That's right! 
Better yet, buy the booklet which comes with a CD, hear the actual words of the Rebbe.

Now my friends, Who is the Zohar HaKodesh talking about when he states that the Jewish heretics will join Iran, Syria etc,.....
The State of Israel or Satmar???

The Zohar is prophesizing that there will come a time during the war of  Gog Um'gog , that Satmar, the Neturei Karta and the leftist Chilonim, will join Iran and Hamas and fight against Moshiach! We are witnessing the prophesy come to fruition in our lifetime!

Now see who the "Rebbe" calls the "eirav rav"

Now see who Din calls the "eirav RAV"


Anonymous said...

DIN,you hit the nail on the head,you are 1000% right these criminally insane Satmar low life jew hating gangsters,are not only the EIRAV RAV,but worse than that,they are the jewish KAPO'S of this generation,
just like the Kapo's 70 years ago helped their Nazi masters exterminate their own brothers and sisters,so too these bastards are siding and helping and encouraging our deadly enemies the hundreds of millions of murderous Arabs surrounding Israel and on top of it the insane Iranians who openly promise to annihilate and destroy the Jewish nation.
Oh wait a minute,i have to beg forgiveness from our Kapo's of 70 years ago,how dare i compare these poor jews to todays Satmar gangsters,they NEBECH had no choice they were forced by their Nazi masters to do their dirty work as opposed to todays Satmar OISGEPASHETE CHULENT and STEAK FRESSERS who have sided willingly with the murderous ISLAMO-NAZI murderers of our brothers and sisters in ERETZ YISROEL.
Just a couple of weeks ago,when Israel's prime minister came to the U.S with congresses invitation to plead and beg the administration not to let Iran develop a nuclear bomb that they themselves promised to use it to annihilate chas v'shalem the seven million Jews of Israel,what did this head KAPO this human filth Aron Teitebaum (SHEIM RESHAIM YIRKAV) do ?
he had the mayor of Kyryas Joel,write a letter to all the congressmen on N.Y state and beg them,NOT TO ATTEND the Prime ministers speech,or to walk out on him when he starts speaking.
Yes this is the face of these Romanian gypsy Jew hating EIRAV RAV

Anonymous said...

Reform Jews are very anti-Israel. And if you make the mistake of heading out to the area of Roslyn / East Hills on Long Island, they are also savagely anti-orthodox in a way that you will not see anywhere outside of Tel Aviv

Dusiznies said...

could be .... but when they march they don't look like Jews! No one knows that they are Jews except for you apparently!
And what do you mean with your snide remark "outside of Tel Aviv"?

Anonymous said...

Yo twisted maniac, keep cursing the way your mother thought you, because the satmar ruv never in his entire life cursed anyone besides Hitler and his brother herzl YM "S, and according to the Torah the REAL heretics are NOT people who believe in the Torah, who put on tfillin and keep shabbos, but those who are contrary to the above and yes the mekor of this zohar is actually in tanach Daniel where he describes in detail who those heretics are, but again you stick to your twisted ideology that your whore mom thought you

Dusiznies said...

The " Satmar ruv never in his entire life cursed anyone"
You don't have to believe me ... you can go out and buy the tape now made in a CD titled "Shalosh Seudis Parshas Shlach 1967" and you can hear with your own very ears the Satmar "Rav" curse Gedoilie Yisroel and calling them Apikorsim and Minim"
Your comment "the mekor of this zohar is actually in tanach Daniel where he describes in detail who those heretics are,"
Well why don't you tell that to the Satmar gypsies because the Satmar "Rav" says that the Zohar is referring to the IDF ....
How insane is that!
One can clearly see that the words of the Zohar and Daniel are coming to fruition because they predicted that the Eirav Rav will join up with Persia and Edom to war against Mashiach
and so who, my friend, joined Persia? It's Satmar and their lapdogs the Neturei Karta

Anonymous said...

You have no idea about the hard core anti-frum in the Ramot Aviv suburb of Tel Aviv? They have rioted outside the one or two only frum places in the neighborhood.

In Roslyn try going especially to the JCC in the East Hills neighborhood with a yarmulka or tichel on. If the vicious gawkers don't kill you with their looks in the parking lot, see how your head will get chewed off inside.

Tons of other examples. A Reform temple on the Manhassett-Roslyn border tormented & then fired their Sunday school director simply because she was modern orthodox.

Roslyn is part of Town of North Hempstead which is run by secular self-hating Jews and old guard WASPs who hate people that are visibly Jewish. They persecute orthodox Jews. Great Neck is also is in this town so they send the Buildings Dept to harass & shut down yeshivos that open. They drove a branch of Chaim Berlin & others into extinction.

Anonymous said...

Well here we go again, it's unfortunately that your mother screwed around and produced a human waste like you who's ignorance in basics are like a five year old, and i didn't know that apikores or min is a curse? But again, you keep on in your twisted way and hopefully you'll join your lovely idols Hitler and herzl YM"S and enjoy their company

Dusiznies said...

I allowed the comment from this vermin, so the readers can see how the anti-Zionist argue!
He curses me every single day, and I don't allow any of his sick demented comments on this blog, but this one I allowed because I want readers to know what sick bastards the Satmar dynasty spawned!

Jeremy Ben-Dummy said...

"No one knows that they are Jews"

Except when self-hating (as well as anti-Zionist) frauds at J Street claim they represent Jews

Anonymous said...

town of north hempstead may be the only place in america that if a tenant calls that the landlord is not giving heat or some other major violation, if the tenant is orthodox, the town joins the landlord in persecuting the tenant

also try going to the records dept at town hall wearing a kipa and see how abusive they are to you and no one else

there is one standard for code at shuls that are is nitpicked to the Nth degree and another standard for everyone else

roslyn school district will gladly bus kids to catholic school but the corrupt reform jews in charge will not bus to yeshivos unless state officials in albany intervene and threaten them

Leibish Letz said...

R they wear their streimlech because this occasion is a yom tov?

Dusiznies said...

They wore "skunk" caps because it was Shabbos Kodesh

Anonymous said...

The Eirev Rav is a mixture of all of them... Self-hating Jewish libs, Reform anti-orthodox tuches lekkers, J Street, New Israel Fund, Haaretz, Sakmarian anti-Zionist demonstrators & Mogen Dovid flag burners befarhesyeh, and the NeTUMEI Karters..

Look how 2 of them are wearing Arab shawls... Since it's summer and apparently they're wearing them only to show solidarity with the murderers, are they halachically allowed to wear then on Shabbos, since on a hot day it's not considered a necessary malbush? Chillul Shabbos??? Do they even care??? Maybe the runt in the middle was aware of it....

It's ironic, that the anti-Zionist haters always speak about "collaboration" between Zionists & Nazis w/o a shred of evidence, w/o logic. w/o proof... YET this photo PROVES collaboration between the NeTUMEI Karters and would be CHV""S murderers... How sick does it get?????

Now ,Seymour above.... It's obvious you have a chronic constipation problem.. Wincing when you scribble, and passing gas on unsuspecting passersby... Who me????? Ha ha...Yeah, you...!!!!! It's the 3 weeks.... Do tshuvah...


Anonymous said...

Seymour & Everybody else...

R' Joel in Al Hagulah, makes an unbelievable accusation.
To wit, that the Zionists provoked WW II, BECAUSE... Hitler Y'ms , in a rambling speech accused the Jews of provoking war with Germany, and therefore so & so...

In plain language, he believes Hitler. ( BTW.... This speech is famous... He DID NOT say that Jews are causing the war... He said that IF the Jews want to cause war..... etc.... Different nuance.... but anyway....)
This psycopathic mass murderer, liar and criminally insane Satan and delusionist makes a statement and the rebbe takes it at face value..
Hitler murdered his opponents,intellectuals, communists, etc, etc, etc.... Ran a euthanasia program in 1935 where he ordered the murder of some 600,000 GERMANS whom he deemed unfit to live because of physical & mental issues... Disguised German soldiers as Poles to kill other Germans so as to provoke the Polish invasion, .... Caused WWII in which some 35-60 million people were starved, tortured , maimed murdered..... well the list goes on and on and on...

Imagine... Hitler never used the word Zionist in any case, but that's besides the point...
The point is that the rebbe took H' YMS" word and gave it credence ... What Jewish war against Germany? What Zionist war? Which semi-intelligent normal person on the street believes this garbage??
What are all you insane haters talking about? You're a bunch of lying heartless haters, that's all you are...

Exactly like the anti-Semites.... 9/11 caused by Jews... Black Plague? Jews... Greece falling? Jews... Rash on your mother's tuchess? Jews...
You're a psycopaths....

Derby..... If you happen to be in Jerusalem , please say some Tehillim on Mt. Herzl and don't forget the great martyr Hannah Senesh, also buried there.....