Saturday, July 18, 2015

Der Yid, Satmar Newspaper Joins "J" Street to Support disastrous Iran Deal,

Der Goy's Editorial supporting Iran Deal
I've said this time and again, that Satmar is slowly separating itself from the Jewish religion, like the Christians did 2,000 years ago. 

Now they no longer care about the safety and concern for any Jew that lives anywhere except if they live in Kiryas Yoel or Williamsburg. Like the anti-Israel "J Street," they mock Benjamin Netanyahu's concern that this deal with Iran is dangerous to Israel and it's citizens...

It's interesting to note that the Satmar gypsies constantly write that the Jews in America, by in large, did nothing when 6 million of their brethren were being slaughtered like sheep in Europe during WW2.

Ironically now, that Israel's citizens are being targeted by the Iranians, who have sworn to annihilate 6 million Jews that reside in the State of Israel, the Satmar barbarians mock and deride Netanyahu's efforts to warn the world that this Iranian deal is a deal of appeasement.

I will loosely translate parts of the Editorial:
I will comment in Red

Der Goy: "American leaders have tried since Ronald Reagen's presidency,to reach a nuclear deal with Iran"

DIN: This is a blatant lie, Iran during Ronald Reagan's times hadn't even started a nuclear program, and Ronald Reagen never even attempted to talk to Iran ....  it was Carter, the Satmar Chuusid that tried, so that he could free the American hostages!

Der Goy:"four presidents worked on this, four presidents were just "touching the walls" and  weren't successful, 
it was President Obama, that had the right tools to deal with them"
DIN: Another blatant lie and just 3 lines into their editorial....
Bush called Iran the "axis of evil" and never sought any deal with Iran! ...

****I will now jump to the part where they deride the only sane diplomat in the entire world, Benjamin Netanyahu...

Der Goy:"The one who is the most opposed to this deal is the prime minister of the State of Israel, Bibi Netanyahu.... 
Netanyahu says he doesn't even have to read the deal to know that it isn't good,this deal without him reading it, is the worst deal of the century"

DIN: Hellooooooooooow! Netanyahu never said that, because as CNN, ABC, CBS, Fox, Reuters, Associated Press,  all reported, that Obama and the State Department briefed Netanyahu days before it was signed! 
So we all know (except for Dee Goyim at Der Goy) that Netanyahu knew every single part of the deal!
And that's how he knew that this was the "worst deal of the century"
And why isn't Satmar opposed to the deal?? Aren't there Satmar guys living in Israel? 
Why oh why is Satmar FOR this disastrous deal?

Der Goy: In this time that all world leaders see that the deal must go forward .... the big "Baal Gaaveh" (The haughty one) doesn't see it that way! He is waiting with bated breath that the Iranians should violate the deal so that he can say "I told you so"

DIN: Insane analysis by a bunch of childish morons!
This crazy way of thinking is how the Satmar Rebbe analyzed the 1967 war...
These naive haters of Israel,  will come up with this kind of warped news analysis even while the lives of 6 million Jews are at stake!

Now a word to my readers:

Israel has come under a threat with the shameful capitulation deal with Iran. The Iranian leadership never ceases to declare that Israel is the target of its nuclear program, a program titled "So long, Israel." 

The leaders of the world powers, and U.S. President Barack Obama first and foremost, eagerly allowed themselves to be misled. 

We Jews must not be dismissive of threats, even those that appear ridiculous. The 20th century taught us not to take it lightly when someone gets ready to annihilate us.

At a fateful crossroads, Most U.S. Jews are joining up to help Israel in its just and necessary struggle. Even Jews who have never visited Israel are certain that their ability to live in security in the U.S. is mainly due to the existence of the strong, flourishing State of Israel.

It's a real shame that Satmar and their minions are  abandoning its constituency. It's unclear to me whom it serves, but it's certainly not the interests of Israel, as the founder of the Satmar Chassidim made very clear decades ago.

Throughout the history of the Jews, there have always been groups that turned their backs on their own people -- there's nothing new under the sun. The Jews will get along very well without them and after 2,000 years, we have our own place in the sun.

Forget it, I cannot continue translating this BS, I'm getting acid reflux ... from reading this crap!


Anonymous said...

Yes I share your frustration on this issue... but please continue to provide these translations of the Jewish newspapers.


Dusiznies said...

translating these newspapers is a full time job

Frum_schmekel said...

You are doing a wonderful job