Thursday, July 9, 2015

Dovid Feldman From Neturei Karta Addresses Muslims in Atlanta Georgia July 26 2014

This Mamzer ben Mamzer addresses a bunch of Arabs that glorify the murderers of our brothers and sisters ...!
this was a year ago, but it's worth seeing again .... so that the Heimishe Oilim sees what the Satmar movement has wrought...he quotes the Satmar Rebbe alot in this sick demented video!
The Neturei Karta and Satmar is one of the same .... though Satmar says that they are separate entities ,,,,,, but don't you believe it for one minute....
In this video he tells the Muslims that only people dressed like him with skunk tails on his head are the real religious Jews!


Romanisher Ferd said...

Beaver fur actually ober tze shtinkt vee a skunk nuch a 3 day Yomtov.

You know, Ahmadinijad was really moiser nefesh for sinah the way he hugged & kissed these smelly morons in Teheran.

Chuchem said...

I know why you say Satmar & NK are the same thing! Because of that letter to the editor of Der Yid grumbling that taking a shower is goyish.

Reminds me of a character that made a cameo appearance, I think on Gilligan's Island, who kept harping that he hadn't taken a bath in 40 years.

And then there's this guy who must have gotten separated from NK somewhere along the line

Anonymous said...

wow, I never knew Shit had legs.

Anonymous said...

You never knew? Look at yourself

Anonymous said...

Yes Satmar is not NK,but it is Satmar that spawned these illegitimate MAMZERIM,these animals were raised in the Satmar CHINUCH insane asylums,where they were brainwashed with a pathological hatred towards MEDINAS YISROEL and all Jews who support it.
It is reb Joilish Teitelbaum and his two disgusting and insane books
(will not dignify it by calling it a sefer) where he blames the sin of Zionism for the murder of six million jews,and where he claims that as long as Medinas Yisroel exists Moshiach cannot come,and therefore we all have to pray three times a day for its disappearance,this ugly insanity has poisoned the mind of tens of thousands of Jews all over the world and has spawned the Neturai Karta monsters