Sunday, July 12, 2015

Satmar hypocrites Call For ‘Mutual Respect’ As Annexation Moves Forward

Again, I'm all for Satmar expanding wherever they live.... 
but calling for "mutual respect" ?
When did Satmar have any "mutual respect" for anyone? 
Why is it ok to call for "mutual respect" from goyim in "chitz Le' uhhhretz" and not have "mutual respect" for other gedoilim that don't or didn't agree with their  insane "SHIT'eh" UMMM?

Where was their "mutual respect" & "civil discourse" to the Kloizenberger? to the Belzer Rebbe? to the Lubavitcher Rebbe? 

Is the "mutual respect" of the goyim in Monroe more important than the "mutual respect" to Moreinu Harav Avraham Yitzchok Kook z"l, a great Tzaddik and lover of Zion? 
How do they justify cursing a Talmud Chacham Muvhak and then have no issue with offering  "mutual respect" to goyim??

Where is their "mutual respect" and " civil discourse" to healthy Zionists building up the land that Hashem promised us? 
Why do they wait  with their "heimishe" chicken soup until people are deathly ill and dying in the hospitals?
Does the Mitzvah of "Ve'uhavtah L'ereichu Kamoicha" only apply to dying Jews?

"Mutual Respect"? .... a bunch of malarkey!

read on ....
In the wake of the governor’s vetoes of two bills pertaining to the proposed annexation of 507 acres of land in the Town of Monroe into the Village of Kiryas Joel, the village’s government relations coordinator called for “civil discourse” as the process moves forward

“It is my hope that civil discourse will be the norm and that we can come together in the spirit of mutual respect so that the process can reach its conclusion and is in the best interest of the community,” said Ari Felberman.
He said the village appreciates that Governor Cuomo “was able to see through the angry rhetoric being advances by Assemblyman (James) Skoufis and looked at these bills for what they really were, a thinly veiled attempt to stop the natural growth of the peaceful, family-oriented community of Kiryas Joel.”

Skoufis, a Democrat, and Republican Senator William Larkin sponsored the legislation that passed in both houses of the legislature. They each expressed their disappointment that Cuomo vetoed the two bills. Orange County Executive Steven Neuhaus also said he was disappointed in the vetoes. 


Anonymous said...

Dee shlufst?

Your Satmar-loving pal Frankfurter has embroiled himself in a new controversy that the yeshivishe velt and a lot of chassidishe too are furious at him.

Sick out there and getting sicker said...

Frankfurter is taking his marching orders from the Munkatcher. The Munkatcher's love of criminals is not just limited to molesters and embezzlers. Apparently the Munkatcher thought up a cockamamie scheme that if Ami writes about ORA in glowing terms they can show the magazine to the judge who will then have rachmuness on Mendel Epstein for being a supposed guardian of "agunot" that impresses Liberals

Anonymous said...

No surprise that the Munkatcher supports thugs who create mamzerus through forced gittin but I had thought that Frankfurter had some modicum of normalcy to him. But obviously having once learned in R' Dovid's Brisk did nothing to stabilize his warped mind.

Reformer said...

What's next for Frankfurter & Ami? A puff piece on bittul kiddushin to back Belsky & Rackman?

Anonymous said...

mutual respect?,what a sick joke,Aron Teitelbaum their gangster godfather this piece of human filth did not even respect his own 90 year old father,who can forget what this SWINE did to his elderly father,when he went to court and asked the court to have his father declared as senile and is suffering from dementia,therefore rendering his ruling that Zalmen Leib should be Rav in Williamsburg as null and void.This piece of human garbage did something,that even a low life non Jew would never dream of doing.