Sunday, July 26, 2015

Satmar Newspaper "Der Blatt" stabs Agudah in the back because of Agudah's letter against the Iran Deal!

I was in quandary whether I should be blogging about this on a day when the entire Jewish nation is mourning the destruction of the first and second Bais Hamikdash.

But then I heard the entire kehillah recite the Kinnos for the 6 million Jews that perished in the Holocaust composed by the late Bobover Rebbe z"l, and I decided that it is a "Choiv Kadosh" to post it on this very day!

Most Jewish people reading current events are frightened that history is repeating itself! 

If one peruses the pages of The New York Times from mid-September 1938 through the first week of of October 1938, it is apparent that what we are witnessing today is a virtual replay of those 3 weeks ...... only worse.

Two weeks before the September 30, 1938 Munich agreement, Germany increased its demands while promising as The Times wrote it:
"hearty reciprocal incidental to a wider European settlement"

A week before the agreement, German "demands had become higher," but Hitler reassured British Prime minister Neville Chamberlain that they were his "final" ones.

A few days before the signing, Hitler appeared before 15,000 people in Berlin's largest auditorium, where the "sieg heils" from the audience "were heard around the globe, for Hitler had a world hook-up" on radio. 

Chamberlain sent a letter to Hitler stating that Germany's demands were unacceptable but urged continued negotiations, because "force produces no solution." 

By the end of the week, Chamberlain had accepted all of Hitler's demands.
The British leader was, the Times reported, "obviously exhausted and had resolved to make an end of the whole business."
 As soon as the Munich capitulation was signed, it was portrayed by the New York Times as a great success. 

What we are living through now is far worse than Munich, not only because we are ignoring  the lesson learned from that event .... at the cost of a six-year world war and millions of deaths , but because even Chamberlain would be shocked at what is transpiring again.

Two weeks preceding its pact with the world powers, Iran increased its demands while the "moderate" Iranian president marched with huge crowds behind him screaming "Death to America" and "Death to Israel" with pictures flashed throughout the world via the Internet. 

After an exhausting 17 days of negotiations, with "deadlines" serially ignored by Iran and seriatim US concessions escalating as they went along, the president and secretary of state made an end of the whole business by accepting virtually all of Iran's demands, while paving the path toward its ultimate destructive goal.

And what, you may ask, is the goal of Iran? The goal is as the Ayatollah himself stated many times this year alone, to annihilate the Jewish State with its entire population, G-d Forbid.

So you would think that the holy Satmar Kehillah would be arranging Tehillim groups to pray to the Almighty to destroy the Iranian ideas. Nope!!
Would you think that they would close the yeshivas and have all the thousand of students march in lower Manhattan to protest the agreement? Nope
Would you think that they would join the Agudah in writing a letter to the president protesting this bad deal? Nope!

What these miserable  creatures did was write an editorial condemning the Agudah for even writing the letter!

(The Aroni faction of the Satmar cult publishes a yiddish weekly newspaper that has a larger circulation than the Daily News, called "Der Blatt" 
It is this rag that I am quoting.)

This is the same Agudah that is fighting for Kiryas Yoel to annex land in Monroe!
So what do these ungrateful Romanian gypsies do? They stab them in the back!
Every single Jewish organization except for "J" street is against this deal, except for Satmar!
But they aren't only stabbing the back of the Agudah ....they are stabbing every single Jew that is alive and living in the land of Israel, today!

Editorial against Agudah in Der Blatt

I will translate only the pertinent sentences, the rest is a bunch of lies, distortions and malicious garbage, from the naive demented Satmar goons!

Byline: A cry in vain
(DIN: they are in fact saying that all worries about the Iran deal, is in vain)

By the Meraglim, the Torah writes "they raised their voices and the entire nation cried on that night" 
The Talmud (in Taanis 29 a) writes: Said Rabbah in the name of Rabbi Yoichenan: "that night was tisha be'ov, " Said Hashem to them: " you are crying in vain, so I will institute a permanent cry for generations."

The harshness of that vain cry has now come to light. Seeing how the lying Yiddishe Zionists  world are drawn into the hysteria of the Iranian Nuclear agreement. 
They are up in arms crying crocodile tears and this wednesday while writing these (editorial) lines ... Zionist sympathizers are protesting the agreement in Manhattan.

And it is not just a protest from part of the (Zionist) people, but its as if the entire Zionists nation decided together to war against this deal.... the deal is by the way a forgone conclusion!

Israel itself has already spent over 50 million dollars on lobbyists in Washington DC to work against this deal.. others are terrorizing Senator Charles Schumer from New York, because he hasn't decided if he will support this deal!

And whats going on with the Agudas Yisroel of America????
Why was it necessary for the very first time in Aguda's history to write  a letter condemning America?
Should an organization like this fall under Netanyahu's spell?

There is more to this hateful editorial, but I'll leave it as is for now!


Anonymous said...

you undermine your arguments when you call people names.

makes you sound as sick as they are.

Dusiznies said...

Hey righteous one, I don't see you writing to Der Blatt asking them why they call people other than their community, names!

Anonymous said...

I'm not trying to be righteous. I'm just trying to give you some sound advice. But I guess that's way over your Romanian kepele!