Thursday, August 14, 2014

Letter from Pninim & Chedvas Girl to Rabbi Kahane

someone who knows said...
I went to Pninim. And Chedvas. I am not here to talk about Meisels although I will say this scandal comes as no surprise. 

But to hear Kahane speak this way just escalated the whole thing to another level. This is coming from a man who refused to accept Pninim girls until Meisels forced him to. He constantly ridiculed him for living the "in-between kinda frum." He mocked him and disagreed with him on everything. He disrespected him to his students with plenty of lashon hara. And now he's telling us to be quiet? 

Now, when we've learned to trust in rabbanim we shouldn't believe what a Beis Din says even if it's lashon hara litoeles? I can't hold back anymore. People need to see what goes on in this seminary. This is how they teach. This is how they live. This is the way they want us to be.
Rabbi kahane,
Are we YOUR army? Did YOU train us? Do you really know what hashem is saying? 

No, I don't hear Him telling chedvas girls to be quiet. I don't hear Him telling me that my knees have anything to do with anything at all besides me and my private modesty which you have no right trying to control. 

You are not a commander. You are not a sergeant. You are not in control of who can save the world and who will merit mashiach. You actually know nothing at all. You are blinded. Misguided. 

You fell for the mystical attraction of religion and you try to pass on falsehood. I have been under your rule. I have experienced your perspective. I have heard your voice in my ear while you yelled through your phone. Because you disagreed with a choice I made about my life. I actually never heard a rabbi scream like that. And it hurt the kind that made me cry. 

Every soldier that dies I think it's my fault. I think god is punishing ME. I automatically feel guilt for every bad thing I hear, because if you do something wrong YOUR DESTROYING THE WORLD! 

Am I? 

So, all who are in favor of succumbing to a cult where you will never find true happiness - stick with chedvas. You will enjoy a fun filled year under a manipulative man who will try to impress on you things you do not need to do so that he can be in control. 

Give it up kahane. You can't control the world. 
I can't destroy it either. 

If you really want to change something I heard the IDF needs some help in Gaza. 


Anonymous said...

So now an OTD girl is going to be our moreh derech, right?! Does this girl represent the beliefs of Dusiznies?

Anonymous said...

She is allowed to express her opinion without being excoriated - she is warning others.

Anonymous said...

anon 12:57 is right. Why do we take advice from an OTD girl who is just taking advantage of the recent scandal to bash her former seminary. If anything is disgusting it is what she is doing.

Dusiznies said...

To Anon 12:58 & 10:26
The writer of this letter is a Shomeret Torah Umitzvos,
Unfortunately Kahane is the one who probably doesn't believe in G-D, and the girls are now picking up the vibes of Kefirah from him!
He is a power hungary,manipulative troll.
I would bet that he is also a pervert, that's why he is teaching girls. I always believed that Men should teach men, and women should teach women.
And I would add that he is narcissistic.
Just sayin'

Anonymous said...

Dusiz, you are right about men shouldn't teach girls. It is even a Halacha issue and not clearly Muttar unless the male teacher's wife is present with him all the time when he is teaching.

If the girl's skirt doesn't cover her knees, as she says her's doesn't, then she is at best a pick and choose Shomeret, becaus that is a clear violation of halacha.

Anonymous said...

Can someone explain to me why eidensohn from the NOT dass Torah blog is obsessed with knocking down the Chicago beis din? Thanks

Kevin in Chicago said...

There are those who are "off the derech" -- not to say the writer is-- and those who are off the planet. Did the commenters above read R' Kahane's letter? To suggest that the future of the State of Israel, much less the coming of Moshiach, depends on a group of seminary girls not mentioning the alleged depravity of a certain seminary rabbi, is objectively bizarre, brazenly manipulative, and an affront to Hashem.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Mr/Ms Perfect at 11:15 - I have a news flash for ya - We are all at best pick and choose shomrai torah umitzvos.

Kshot atzmoch

Anonymous said...

Kevin you have a lot of time on your hands. You comment an awful lot, everywhere, and usually very little content. What did you spend your life doing before this scandal? You of all people should be appreciative to Kahane for writing that letter. Now you have something to do. Did you ever try an anger management course?

put up or shut up said...

I am amazed at the posts on this site. I spoke to Kehane at length, as well with Yarmush. If this post was by a professional, why is it unsigned?
and to say the least, it was not written in the style, form and fashion of any professional that I have known over my years in education and psychology. There is no disputing that the letter from Kahane was poor, and wrong. That does not equate to the charges in this post. If he in fact acted the way that is described herein, I would like to verify it. I will that same day go directly to Yarmush, Rabbi Aaron Feldman, Rabbi Furst and Rabbi Malinowitz ---and Kahane will step down. The Rabbis promised me that if there is proof, they will act. So if this post is correct, i will either give you the direct cell phones to the individuals I mentioned, or I will call them. Lets have some action. enough unverified talk

Dusiznies said...
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Dusiznies said...

To 10:46
This letter was not a professional,it was actually from a girl that attended Chedvas. It seems from her letter that she has inside info, so she is legit..
and why should I give you her name? So you can harass her?
If you are a psychologist as u claim, then you already interviewed many girls and you know the truth, but you insist on covering up for Kahane.

put up or shut up said...

letter was not written that clearly. It was difficult to ascertain which part was from a student, and if part was from a professional.
chas veshalom that I should harass a girl who has suffered already.
I have many clients. but none in this case or this realm.
This is the first case that I have heard about from Chedvas.
I have no reason to cover for Kahane.
why didn't she call any of the people such as those I mentioned? I would be happy to facilitate.

Dusiznies said...

To 1:41
I called R' Feldman and it seems that he has connections with Kahane, he also refused to speak to any of the victims!

put up or shut up said...

this is strange. I spoke to him earlier on, about a month ago. At that time he was looking for girls who could corroborate stories about M. I did not discuss enablers per se, but he said that he did NOT know Kahane. Now I am an old talmid of N.I., which at least gives me some credibility with him.
Not sure that it gives enough to make a difference, based on your reporting of your conversation.
Look, this is important and can really be toeles. If there is a credible ayd echad, so to speak, as you maintain this girl is, getting her in front of one of the significant decision makers would hopefully be the way to get Kahane removed, if he is an enabler. If R'feldman does not wish to get involved, and I can certainly understand why he would not wish to be on the firing line again, either Yarmush or R Malinowitz would be the next bet.
Would you like their cell phone numbers?

Dusiznies said...

To Anon 12:38
The girls in question already faced the Chicago Bais Din, and that Bais Din found them credible, and saw fit to warn future parents not to send the girls to any of Meisels Seminaries. Even after he "quit" the Chicago Bais Din did not retract. I dont know why you keep bringing up Feldman, Malinowitz and Yarmush who are all connected with the admitted pervert Meisels? Meiseld admitted to the Chicago Bais Din that the girls were telling the truth...

Dusiznies said...

To Anon 12:38
Why would a parent want to put their daughter into a Lions Den, even if it is only a "ChaShash" ?
What's so important and great about Meisels Seminaries? Let parents keep their daughters home, all this Seminary business is a fraud, its away to brainwash girls!
Do you want your daughter to hear that her actions may bring soldiers back or by their actions the soldiers would never come back? What kind of Chinuch is this...
And What Gadol advocates men teaching girls? Feldman? Malinowitz?

put up or shut up said...

ad hominem attacks never help anything. OK, lets say the girls spoke to the CBD. fine.Meisels admitted, stepped down. very good.

Why did they not convey the information about Kahane to yarmush and the IBD?
as they acted on Meisels, they would certainly have acted on Kahane. Yarmush and the IBD said they never heard anything about any first hand report about Kehane.
I'm sorry you think the seminary business is a fraud. My friends and we ourselves saw the girls grow very nicely from their interaction with outstanding mechanchim.
Yes, Kehane's letter was stupid- and wrong- but many parents say he is an outstanding mechanech.

put up or shut up said...
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Dusiznies said...

To Put Up
I'm beginning to think that you are from the administration. There is no way that a parent would think like you... every parent that wants healthy children would never put their child in any of Meisels seminaries even based on a rumor!
There is no way (and I have a daughter in a Jerusalem Seminary) that I would want my daughter anywhere close to these enablers!
No way! Again, even if it was only a rumor!

put up or shut up said...

that is pretty funny.
1. I am certainly not part of the administration. and I grilled them pretty hard, btw.
2.not very many parents pulled out, so i guess that a lot of parents think like me. have a daughter in a J. seminary? you said above the seminaries are a fraud and brainwash girls- if I thought that, I wouldn't send my daughter... but you are doing so.... why??

Dusiznies said...

To put up
yes, I have a daughter in Seminary in Yerushalyim, I do it because today the idiotic system in America is that if your daughter didn't attend on of these fraudulent seminaries, they have problems getting dates.
I am trying on this blog to change that.. I will now put my time and efforts to expose these men teachers for the perverts that they are.....
Not one of these Seminaries were founded with G-D in mind, they are money grubbing institutions staffed be men...
My daughter is in a seminary primarily run by women..

put up or shut up said...

I don't send my daughter for that reason. My daughter will IYH find her great shidduch like my other daughters. Each married to a wonderful talmid chochom, each a budding leader in his own right, and none of them paid any attention to whih seminary my daughers went to.
maybe that is good about nachlas= the founder said straight up that he was looking for investors to make money.
most seminaries are primarily run by women. the administration of chedvas are the general supervisor, rebbetzin birnbaum, kahane is under her, and everyone else is a woman. there are some top lecturers like Rabbi Zev Leff- an outstanding exception to any exclusion of men.
All perverts need to be removed. agreed. all enablers need to be removed. kol hakavod to anyone who can do it!

Shkoyach! said...

"I will now put my time and efforts to expose these men teachers for the perverts that they are.....
Not one of these Seminaries were founded with G-D in mind, they are money grubbing institutions staffed be men..."

What is the heter for these men to even be there & why aren't more rabbonim screaming against it? I have only heard of R' Zev Cohen & a NY rosh yeshiva complaining about it. The halacha seforim say it is a very ugly thing for men to be working with women even for chinuch purposes.