Thursday, August 7, 2014

Geraldo Rivera says he can back Hamas against Israel because he has a tattoo of a Star of Davis on his hand! LOL!!!

Listen to this dope say at 2.44 in the video, that he has a Star of David tattooed on his hand, so that gives him the right to bash Israel??????

Geraldo Rivera recently referred to Israel’s killing of civilians as a “travesty,” for example, but Andrea Tantaros was having none of it. She called Rivera an “apologist for a terrorist organization” that hides weapons in schools and hospitals.1
Rivera mentioned the number of Palestinian civilians killed so far in the conflict–a tragedy, of course–but whereas he blames Israel for those deaths, Tantaros says Hamas is to blame for hiding its weapons and leaders behind human shields.
“You are unbelievable to defend Hamas,” she said, and argued that America “should get out of Israel’s way” and let them finish their operation to wipe out the terrorists in Gaza.

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